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Discount Phone Calls

Inmates can place phone calls two ways; calling collect, which is very expensive, or by setting up an account through an approved jail call service provider. Long distance calls are more expensive than local calls. We can help you set up a local call number in order to reduce the costs of phone calls.

Community Forums

Post any questions you have regarding a prison facility, inmates, or services available to families. Our community forums were created to provide you the information you need from families going through a similiar situation.

Send Books

Another common inmate complaint is that prison libraries are not up-to-date and have limited selections. Books are a productive and enriching form of recreation for prisoners. We will connect you with approved booksellers for your loved one’s correctional facility.

Arrest Records

Search through millions of files to locate an inmate's arrest record. You can search reports for arrests, misdemeanors, and traffic violations. Once you have located the record you can then view, and even print the contents of the report you receive.

Send Money

Sending money to an inmate used to be a difficult process that required directly sending money orders to each correctional facility. Many modern facilities use electronic or telephone payment systems, but some friends and family still find hurdles to using those services. We can help you deposit money in inmate commissary accounts.


  • The day my son was sentenced to prison was one of my hardest days as a mom. What he did was wrong and he earned his sentence, but I felt like part of me had died. Finding support from the JailData community helped me see that him going to prison did not mean our relationship had to die, but could actually improve. Thank you for helping families like mine.

    Samantha Green . Ohio

  • My guy hates the food. Thanks for helping me figure out how to put money on his commissary account so he can eat.

    Audra E . Colorado

  • My fiancé was moved to a prison across the state from me. I didn’t even know where the prison was located. Using your website, I was able to find out where the prison was, how to write him there, and even how to put money in his commissary account. Thank you for making a hard time a little easier.

    Tonya M . Texas

  • I screwed up bad and had to make a decision about whether to take a plea deal that would give me years of probation or risk prison if I went to trial. Everything I knew about prison came from TV shows. Using your website, I was able to get some information about the prisons my lawyer said were most likely if I was convicted. They scared me so I took the plea. I might have made a different decision without that information, because my lawyer said the prisons weren’t that bad. He and I have different definitions of “that bad.”

    John L . Mississippi

  • Looking at starting a prison ministry and your website gave the best overviews of prisons in my state.

    Bill G . Texas

  • We were considering sending our dog to obedience training through the canine program at Sterling Correctional Facility, but were worried that the dog might be in danger staying in a prison. By looking up the prison, we were able to find out about what kind of inmates are at Sterling and whether it is considered a dangerous or violent prison. Reassured that the general population areas there are safe, we decided to send Max there for his obedience training.

    The Neville Family . Colorado

  • I started writing a friend’s cousin in prison and we fell in love. I had no idea what visiting him would be like. Your prison information website let me know what to expect at the prison, what to wear, and to call ahead and be sure that the prison is not on lockdown before making the drive for a visit. It also led me to the inmate locator tool, which I used to check and make sure he was telling me the truth about his crime and his criminal history. As my daddy said, “trust but verify.”

    Rhonda T . Louisiana

  • My brother just got sent to prison. He loves to read and I was looking for a mailing address to send him books. Through your helpful links, I discovered that I cannot send him books through the mail, but that I can order them through a bookstore to be delivered to him. You saved us a big headache and helped me make sure he’d have a birthday present. Thank you.

    Zach S . Georgia

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