Personal privacy is an important issue, and one we take very seriously at JailData. We wish we could promise you that we would never collect or use any data that you might consider personal information. However, running a successful website requires that we collect and use some information that some of our users might consider personal information. For example, the use of cookies allows web sites to provide information to their users more rapidly and efficiently, but require collecting some personal data. Furthermore, ensuring that we are meeting user expectations requires us to collect some types of personal data for analysis. Therefore, we want to make sure that all of our users understand when we collect personal information, how we use it, when we share it, and to whom we disclose it.

First, before we collect personal information, we will let you know that it is being collected and why it is being collected. We will then only use that information for the purposes we already identified and related purposes, unless otherwise required by law.

Second, we will not store your personal information for longer than we need to have it to fulfill the purpose for which it was collected.

Third, we will only collect your personal information through lawful means. Moreover, we will notify you if personal information is being collected, and obtain your consent where appropriate.

Fourth, we will do our best to protect your personal data. We know that personal data security breaches are a scary reality of personal data storage and we will use reasonable security safeguards to protect your data from unauthorized use through theft, disclosure, or copying. We will use reasonable security safeguards to protect your personal data from modification. Any data collected and retained will be kept as accurate, current, and complete as required for the outlined purposes.

Fifth, we will always ensure that our users have access to information about our privacy policies and practices. If you have any questions about our use of any personal information that are not answered on this page, contact us and we would be happy to answer them.