According to the U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics, at any point in time, almost 1% of adult Americans are incarcerated in prisons or county jails. This figure does not include the number of people in local jails or the number of juveniles who are incarcerated. It is a huge percentage of our population, and those numbers mean that an even greater percentage of our population is dealing with the challenges of having an incarcerated loved one.

Although the conditions are common, it can still be surprisingly lonely and confusing for friends and family members of incarcerated loved ones. It can also be very difficult for a person who is facing possible incarceration to find out information about prisons or jails where they may serve time. Incarceration, even though it has become relatively common, still carries a stigma that means inmates and families often struggle in isolation.

At JailData, we believe information is power. Our first goal is to provide you with the information you are seeking about specific prisons or jails. We maintain up-to-date information on prisons and jails throughout the U.S., so that you can find out important information like warden names, prison addresses, and visiting information simply by visiting each prison’s specific page.

Our second goal is helping you overcome isolation and connect with a community that understands you. We provide communication forums for friends and family of incarcerated individuals, where you can ask or answer important questions, find out helpful tips, or simply bond in a shared experience. Here, you will find people who understand that wanting to ensure the safety and welfare of your incarcerated loved is natural for family and friends.

Our third goal is to provide services tailored to the needs of the incarcerated community. Some of these services include helping facilitate sending gifts or money to inmates and facilitating contact with inmates. We also hope to connect you with reliable third-party service providers by providing a venue for inmates or their friends and family to connect with the providers of goods and services that you may need to make incarceration a little less challenging for your whole family.