At JailData, we are happy to provide the following services or our users:


We constantly updating our prison and jail information to provide you the most comprehensive jail and prison data available. At our site, you can find institution-specific information about living conditions, visitation, and communicating with an inmate.

Message Boards

At our message boards, those who have incarcerated loved ones can connect with the friends and families of other inmates, to share experiences and to ask questions about incarceration, in general, or conditions at a specific institution.

Send Money to Inmates

We facilitate the process of sending money to an inmate/ putting money in an inmate’s commissary or telephone call accounts.

Sending Books or Gifts to Inmates

While many inmates can receive gifts such as books, art or craft supplies, or other prison-approved items, you cannot send them directly. Instead, an approved vendor has to send them, so that the prison officials can be sure the product has not been tampered with or altered. At JailData, we can help you send books and gifts.

Call Inmates

To receive phone calls from inmates, you not only need to be on an approved call list, but the inmate also has to have funds in a call account. We can help you place the funds in an appropriate account so that you can receive phone calls from your incarcerated loved one

Find an Inmate

What many people do not realize until they have an incarcerated love one is that prisoners are frequently moved from prison to prison. We can help you locate prisoners within state prison systems, so that you know whether they are currently incarcerated, and, if so, where they are incarcerated.

Background Checks

At JailData, we provide background check services on inmates, including arrest records.

Links to Local Resources

By partnering with local goods and service providers, we help our customers find resources they may need. These resources include lawyers, bail bonds, therapists, and advocacy groups, just to name a few. Do you have a local resource that could help inmates or their friends and families? If so, contact us about partnering with us.