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Faribault County Minnesota Sheriff's Department
Faribault County - County Jail - Minnesota
Faribault County Jail

The Faribault County Jail in Blue Earth, Minnesota, is the local jail facility for Faribault County, Minnesota.  It is a temporary detention facility for the Faribault County Sheriff’s Department as well as other local law enforcement agencies.  It holds both male and female inmates.  As a short-term facility, it primarily holds inmates who are awaiting charges or detained in jail pending a bail hearing, or those who have been unable to pay bail or did not have bail assigned and are waiting in jail until they can have their trial.  The jail may also house inmates who have been convicted, but are awaiting sentencing; sentenced inmates who are awaiting transfer to another facility; or inmates who have been sentenced and are serving out their sentences at the jail rather than at a prison facility.

The Faribault County Jail is a fee-based jail.  This means that inmates may be responsible for the payment of certain fees while they are incarcerated.  The fee schedule, which was established on January 1, 2014, includes: fees for Huber inmates ($25/day); medical health co-pays by prisoners ($10/visit): boarding fees for out-of-county prisoners ($60/day); court ordered intoxilizer testing ($5); court ordered urinary analysis ($10); in house urinary analysis test ($10); certified urinary analysis ($30); and a finger printing fee that applies to people who come to the jail for fingerprinting services ($10).

Obviously, paying for fees or fines can be difficult, if not impossible for people who are incarcerated.  That is why the Faribault County Jail also has a Sentence to Service (STS) program.  This program is designed to allow inmates to work to help pay for fines or fees and is run by the probation department.  To qualify for the STS program, the court must approve an inmate’s participation in the program.  All STS inmates must submit and pass drug and alcohol testing, both during the program and before starting the program.  The probation department has to refer inmates to the STS Crew Leader.  The STS Crew Leader must approve each inmate, and some inmates who are allowed by the court to participate in STS may not be allowed by crew leaders for various reasons.

In addition, Minnesota is a state that participates in the Huber Program.  The Huber Program allows inmates to serve their time while still participating in their jobs.  Therefore, it is a work-release program.  Work release allows inmates to maintain their contacts in the community and remain gainfully employed, while still serving out their sentences.  It is a compromise program that allows a community to take a tough-on-crime approach while still helping avoid some of the long-term social problems that can comes with other forms of incarceration.

However, not all inmates are eligible to participate in the Huber Law Work Release Program.  The minimum qualifications are that: (1) the judge must approve inmate participation in the Huber Law Program; (2) inmates must be employed prior to entering jail to participate in Huber; (3) random employment checks are conducted throughout the time in the Huber Program; (4) participants must pass drug and alcohol tests prior to starting the program and random tests throughout the program; (5) participants must submit time cards throughout the program to verify employment; (6) inmates must pay Huber fees a week in advance and will not be allowed to participate in the program if their account balances reach zero; (7) inmates cannot have active warrants or holds; (8) inmates may sometimes be required to miss work in order to complete jail, probation, or court mandatory items; (9) inmates cannot work 7 days a week; and (10) and overtime hours or hours that are different from an inmate’s normal work schedule must be pre-approved.

Faribault County Jail Addresses

Physical Address

Faribault County Jail
320 Dr. H. Russ Street
Blue Earth, Minnesota 56013

Mailing Address

Faribault County Jail
320 Dr. H. Russ Street
Blue Earth, MN 56013

Inmate Mailing Address

Inmate’s Full Name
Faribault County Jail
320 Dr. H. Russ Street
Blue Earth, MN 56013

The Faribault County Jail does not post rules for inmate mail.  However, most correctional facilities have the same basic rules for inmate’s mail.

Generally, the following rules apply:

  1. All mail must contain a complete address, including the inmate’s full name.
  2. All mail must contain a complete return address, including the sender’s full name and mailing address.
  3. Mail should only contain letters.  Before sending cards or inserts like photographs, check with the jail to ensure that the inmate can receive it.  The jail may have rules about how many photographs an inmate can receive or how many total photographs an inmate can have in his or her possession.
  4. Mail should be free of substances such as perfumes, lipsticks, colognes, or any other fluids.
  5. Do not attach or send stickers or stamps, other than the one used to mail the letter, to the envelope or the letter. 
  6. Do not send contraband in the mail.
  7. To send magazines or books, you must send them directly from a publisher or an authorized book seller.
  8. Do not send materials that could be disruptive to the jail including: pornography, violent material, sexually explicit material, gang-related materials, escape plans, or racist materials.

Phone Number

The phone number for the Faribault County Jail is 507-526-5148. Inmates cannot receive incoming calls at that number.  In the event of an emergency, you may contact the jail and ask them to rely a message to the inmate.  The decision whether or not to relay that message is up to the discretion of the jail staff.  You may need to provide proof of the emergency.

Faribault County Jail Roster

The Faribault County Jail maintains an in custody list, which functions as its jail roster.  This list provides information on all inmates who are currently incarcerated in the Faribault County Jail.  The list is maintained in alphabetical order.  It provides an overview of information for each inmate.  This information includes: the inmate’s first, last, and middle names; a booking photo/ mugshot; the date and time of the booking; the arresting agency; the charges against the inmate; the inmate’s status; the sentence date; and the completion date.

Inmate Bookings / Recent Arrests

Although the Faribault County Jail does not maintain a specific list of recent arrests or bookings, it does provides booking dates on its jail roster.  You can easily see inmates who were recently arrested by looking at the jail roster.  Once you have located an inmate, you can find out other information, such as the charges against the inmate.


While the Faribault County Jail does not maintain a dedicated mugshot/booking photo database, it does include booking photos for inmates in its jail roster.  You can use the jail roster to find and identify inmates by their booking photos, even if you do not know the inmate’s name.

Jail Visitation

The Faribault County Jail has in-person visitation for inmates.  There is no visitation on any legal holiday.  The normal visitation hours are on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

Visitation hours are:

Monday 7:00pm to 10:00pm;

Wednesday 1:00pm to 4:00pm; and

Friday 2:00pm to 5:00pm.

The Faribault County Jail has the following rules for jail visitation:

All visitors must be preapproved.

Each inmate may have up to 2 visits per day, if time permits.

Each visitor can have up to 2 visits per scheduled visiting hours.

Inmates who are awaiting their initial court appearances will not have visiting hours.

Inmates can only have one visitor at a time, except that minor visitors should be accompanied by legal guardians.  Minors are only permitted to visit immediate family members and must provide documentation of the relationship to the family member, as well as having the minor’s legal guardian complete the application process.

If you have been incarcerated at the Faribault County Jail in the last three months, then you cannot visit, unless you are visiting an immediate family member.

Visitors who are on supervised release or probation cannot visit without written approval from their supervising authority.

All visitors must provide identification when visiting.  Only US government or state issued identification will be accepted.

Visits are subject to cancelation at any time, with no warning.

No contact is permitted during visitation.

Visitors have to complete an application for each inmate that they want to visit and must complete a new application each time an inmate is incarcerated.

Phone Privileges

The Faribault County Jail uses Reliance Telephone System to provide telephone services for inmates.  You can find additional information about Reliance Telephone System at their website.  The Reliance Telephone program works very similarly to a debit card program.  Inmates can make collect calls, where the recipient is responsible for all charges.  Inmates can also use phone cards.  These phone cards can be purchased by inmates through the jail commissary or by third parties on the Reliance Telephone website.  Phone cards purchased through any system other than Reliance will not work at the jail phone system. 

All inmate phone calls, other than those placed to attorneys, are subject to monitoring and may be recorded.  Inmates can place phone calls to probation agents and to their attorneys without incurring charges.

Inmates cannot receive any incoming phone calls.  Staff will not relay messages to the inmates or tell the inmates to check their phone lines.  If you have a genuine emergency and need to reach an inmate, you can contact the jail for information on how to reach an inmate.  For everyday concerns, inmates can receive phone messages at the Inmate Message Line.  The number for the Inmate Message Line is 507-526-3918.  Messages left on that line are not confidential.

Inmate Trust Accounts / Commissary

The Faribault County Jail uses Inmate Canteen to provide services for its inmate commissary accounts.  The commissary system is a way for inmates to purchase items that are not supplied by the jail.  These items include things like snack foods, hygiene products, phone cards, writing supplies, drawing supplies, puzzle books, and playing cards.  Some personal medical products are also available through the commissary system.

To make purchases through commissary, an inmate fills out an order form.  Purchased items are handed out each day.  Inmate purchases may be limited to a set number per day and some items may not always be in stock.  Inmates cannot return any of their purchases.  Inmates must have the full cost of the item in their accounts in order to make a purchase.

Inmate trust accounts function similarly to a debit card.  In order to make a purchase, the inmate must have all of that money available in their inmate trust accounts.  Inmates do get an exception for medical needs; they can go into a negative balance for medical expenses, but any new money in their inmate account will apply to that balance first.  Huber fees are also deducted from inmate trust accounts.

To make deposits into an inmate account, you can visit Inmate Canteen’s website or use the kiosk located in the lobby of the Sheriff’s Office.

Bail Information

You may pay bail/ post bond at the Faribault County Jail, once bail is set. 

The purpose of bail is not to penalize an inmate, but to ensure that a defendant appears for trial.  Therefore, when bail is set, a number of factors are considered, including; the severity of the crime, the defendant’s connections to the community, the defendant’s criminal history, and the defendant’s financial resources.  Many defendants will be unable to pay a cash bail and will need to hire the services of a bail bondsman.  A bail bondsman is a third party that guarantees that an inmate will appear in court and is liable for the full amount of the bond if the defendant fails to appear.  In exchange, the bondsman charges a fee, usually 10% of the bond, to provide this service.  To find a bail bondsman, you can look in the Yellow Pages or online. The Faribault County Jail cannot recommend a bail bondsman. 


The Faribault County Jail, which is located at 320 Dr. H. Russ Street, Blue Earth, Minnesota is the local jail facility for Faribault County.  In addition to holding inmates who have been apprehended in Faribault County or by Faribault County law enforcement agencies, it also holds some inmates from other counties.  The phone number for the jail is 507-526-5148.

The Faribault County Jail charges fees to inmates for various things while they are incarcerated.  Inmates from other counties are responsible for a $60/day fee.  Inmates from Faribault County are not responsible for daily fees, but may have fees for medical services or urine analysis. 

Faribault County Jail also operates a work release program pursuant to the Huber Law.  Inmates who participate in this program must be ordered to do so by a judge and must comply with a number of rules.  However, this program is a great way for inmates to keep contacts with their community and to ensure a smooth post-release transition, since it allows inmates to keep their current jobs while still serving jail time. Inmates must be employed prior to their incarceration to participate in the Huber program, and must be able to provide proof of continuing employment, including weekly time cards and possible work visits, during the time that they participate in the Huber program.

Inmates who are worried about paying fines while incarcerated should inquire about the Sentence to Service (STS) program.  The purpose of the STS program is to allow inmates to work for the county while they are incarcerated to help pay for fines or fees.  The probation department runs the STS Program.  Inmates must be approved by the court and the STS Crew Leader before participating in the STS program.

The Faribault County Jail uses Reliance Telephone to provide phone services.  Reliance allows inmates to use Reliance-issued phone cards for their phone calls.  Reliance also provides an inmate voicemail service for inmates to receive incoming voicemail messages.  Inmates cannot receive incoming phone calls.  Inmate Canteen is the provider that Faribault County Jail uses for inmate trust account servicing and commissary accounts.  You can make deposits to phone accounts and commissary accounts online.  You can also make deposits to commissary accounts in the kiosk located in the sheriff’s department lobby.

Faribault County Jail Data & Statistics:

Average Daily Population 15
Total Confined 14
Full-Time Prison Employees 20
Part-Time Prison Employees 15
Number of Inmates on Work Assignment 3
*statistical information was retrieved from latest available copy of prison data provided by census bureau

Year Built or Opened: 2009 Warden or Supervisor: Jail Admin Joe Anderson Daily Inmate Count: 28 Total Capacity: 62 Security Level(s): minimum - medium

320 Dr. H. Russ Street
Blue Earth, MN 56013

Phone Number(s): 507-526-5148
Fax Number: 507-526-5854

320 Dr. H. Russ Street
Blue Earth, Minnesota 56013

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