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Norman County - Police Department Jail - Minnesota

Ada MN Police Jail is a secured facility located at 410 West Main Street Ada , MN 56510. For family and friends trying to contact this facility directly, please call the following phone number(s) 218-784-5510 . You can also send a fax to this facility at 218-784-5515 .

Ada MN Police Jail is classified as a Police Department Jail. These facilities are normally used by the local police departments to temporarily hold inmates that were involved in minor offenses. The inmates are then either tried by that town's court or transferred to the county prison system. A police jail holds both male and female offenders in different areas.

If you have a family or loved one that is currently incarcerated at Ada MN Police Jail, the first thing you should do is contact the prison for information on the specific inmate 218-784-5510 . Based on the information you are provided, you would then contact either a criminal defense lawyer or a bail bond service. These services will provide you with vital information which can be used to defend your friend or loved one, and in a lot of cases get them released from detention while awaiting trial.


Phone Number(s): 218-784-5510
Fax Number: 218-784-5515
Email Address: [email protected] [email protected]

410 West Main Street Ada, MN 56510