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Anoka County Minnesota Sheriff's Office
Anoka County - County Jail - Minnesota
anoka county jail minnesota

The Anoka County Jail in Anoka, Minnesota, is a local jail facility run by the Anoka County Sheriff’s Office.  The Anoka County Sheriff is Sheriff James Stewart.  Sheriff Stewart is an award-winning member of the National Sheriff’s Association and a former marine.  The jail is run by Commander Dave Pacholl, Lieutenant Sheila Larson, and Lieutenant David Tedrow.

The Anoka County Sheriff’s Office considers managing the jail to be one of its primary duties.  The jail is a 238 bed facility.  Like most local jails, the Anoka County Jail is primarily a temporary holding facility.  It generally houses non-sentenced inmates.  Non-sentenced inmates may include inmates who are awaiting trial or other disposition of their cases, but can also include those who have been tried and are awaiting sentencing.  The Anoka County Jail may also house other types of inmates, including inmates who have been sentenced to short sentences in local jail facilities.

The Anoka County Jail is a combination direct supervision and remote supervision facility.  Direct supervision facilities are one of the newer trends in detention.  They have a cluster of cells around a living area or pod, where one or more correctional officers are stationed.  The officer not only has visual contact with the inmates, but is actually accessible to them.  The thought is that this type of detention promotes more cooperative relationships between staff and inmates.  Remote supervision facilities are usually designated for higher risk inmates and do not bring the staff into regular physical contact with the inmates.

The mission statement for the Anoka County Jail is: “The mission of the Anoka County Jail is to provide secure, safe, and humane confinement to individuals legally committed to the jail.”

The Anoka County Jail participates in the Minnesota VINE system.  VINE stands for victim identification and notification every day.  It is a service that victims can use to keep apprised of information about an offender’s status.  Using the phone or the internet, victims can search for an offender’s custody status.  In addition, victims can register to receive telephone or email notifications whenever an offender’s custody status changes.  The VINE toll-free number for Minnesota VINE is 877-664-8463.

Anoka County Jail Addresses

Physical Address

Anoka County Jail
325 East Jackson Street
Anoka, Minnesota 55303

Mailing Address

Anoka County Sheriff’s Office- Jail Division
325 East Jackson Street
Anoka, MN 55303

Inmate Mailing Address

Inmate’s Full Name
Anoka County Jail
325 East Jackson Street
Anoka, MN 55303

The Anoka County Jail has different procedures for social mail and for privileged mail.  Privileged mail includes all correspondence or mail between inmate and attorneys, officers of the court, elected officials, and officials of the Department of Corrections.  Privileged mail is delivered, unopened, to the inmate’s housing unit.  At the housing unit, deputies at the unit will open and inspect the mail, but only in the presence of the inmate to whom it is addressed.

Inmates cannot receive any letters or packages that are postage due or cash on delivery (COD).

Inmates cannot receive mail that could help create hazardous conditions in the jail, whether because the mail contains hazardous items like weapons or contraband or because it contains materials likely to incite violence or unrest in the jail.  An incomplete list of prohibited items would include:

  • Instructions on the manufacturing of homemade weapons;
  • Instructions on the manufacturing of bombs;
  • Instructions on the manufacturing of explosives;
  • Instructions on the manufacturing of escape materials;
  • Instructions on the manufacturing of alcoholic beverages or drugs;
  • Instructions on how to defeat locks or restraints;
  • Magazine subscriptions;
  • Newspaper subscriptions;
  • Any photos or artwork that are obscene, contain nudity, or are sexually explicit;
  • Gang-related materials or drawings or symbols;
  • Materials that would encourage violence;
  • Plans for criminal activities;
  • Mail that has foreign substances on it including, but not limited to, perfume, lipstick, glitter, stickers, or bodily fluids;
  • Mail addressed to a person the inmate is prohibited from contacting by law, for example by a no contact or protective order;
  • Mail written in code;
  • Plans to violate any of the rules and regulations of the jail; and
  • Cash, money orders, personal checks, or corporate checks.

Phone Number

The phone number for the Anoka County Jail is 763-324-5100.  The fax number for the Anoka County Jail is 763-324-5141.

Generally, inmates are not permitted to receive incoming calls at the jail’s number.  If you have an urgent message for an inmate, you can contact the jail.  If the jail verifies that the situation is urgent, then, it may, at its discretion, relay the message to the inmate and ask the inmate to contact you.

Anoka County Jail Roster

The Anoka County Jail Inmate Locator allow you to search for inmates that are in custody at the Anoka County Jail and at other facilities supervised by the Anoka County Sheriff’s Office.  Therefore, when using the locator, make sure you note the inmate’s location.  Inmate location may be designated as “jail,” which refers to the Sheriff’s Office operated jail facility, the workhouse or boarded.  Inmates who are listed as at the workhouse or boarded are under the supervision of the Anoka County Community Corrections and jail personnel will be unable to provide additional details about those inmates.  The inmate locator allows you to choose from three options: currently in jail; released from jail; and in custody and released.  You then search for inmates by typing in the person’s first and last name, or you can conduct a broader search by selecting the first letter of the inmate’s last name.  You can also select “show all” to receive a comprehensive list of all people in your selected category.  The results are simply a list of names.  However, once you select a name and click on the name, you pull up a more comprehensive record for the inmate.  Details in those records include: booking photos/mugshots; the housing agency; arrest date; incarceration date; scheduled release date; actual release date; charges; and bail amounts if applicable.

Inmate Bookings / Recent Arrests

The Anoka County Jail does not maintain a specific list of recent arrests or bookings, but arrest dates are part of the information included in each inmate’s detailed record in the Anoka County Inmate Locator list.   You can search the entire list for inmates who were arrested on a specific date, but, because the inmates come up name-only, you have to search each inmate’s record to find that information.


In lieu of a mugshot database, the Anoka County Jail includes booking photos/mugshots in its inmate records on the Inmate Locator.  To access those mugshots, search for the inmate by name and then select the record.

Jail Visitation

The Anoka County Jail uses video visitation for inmate visits.  This has allowed the jail to expand visiting hours and allow visits seven days per week.  It also permits visitors to choose between two visitation methods: on-site visits and off-site visits.  On-site visits are available at no cost to either the visitor or the inmate.  Off-site visits are available for a $10 fee.

All visits, whether on-site or off-site, must be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance.  You may schedule visits in two ways: online or using the scheduling terminal that is located in the jail’s video visitation room.  All video visits are recorded and subject to monitoring.

While most inmates will be permitted to have visitation, visitation is not a right, but a privilege.  Inmate or visitor misconduct can lead to termination of a visit or even termination of visitation privileges.

On-site visitors use the video visitation terminals for visitation.  The terminals are designed to accommodate two adult visitors.  Off-site visits, also known as remote visits or home visits are also handled through video.  Remote visitors need to have a computer, webcam, and high speed Internet connection.

ICSolutions is the Anoka County Jail’s video visitation system provider.  You must register with them before conducting remote visits.  To find out general information you can visit their general information website.  To register or login for visitation, you can visit their login website.  Their phone number is 888-646-9437.

Visiting hours for general population are 8am to 2pm and 4pm to 9pm.  Visiting hours for Maximum Security are divided by cells.  For cells 405 through 416, visiting hours are 7:30am to 9:30 am, 12:30pm to 1:30pm, and 5:30pm to 7:30pm.  For cells 505 through 516, visiting hours are 9:30am to 11:30am, 1:30pm to 2:30pm, and 7:30pm to 9:30pm.

Professional visits are different from social visits and professional visitors may visit at any time except during lockdowns, meal service, and facility emergencies.  Unlike social visitors, professional visitors are permitted to bring electronic devices into the jail, but the devices are subject to search.

The following rules apply to all visits:

  • All visits will be monitored or recorded;
  • Visits must be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance and can be scheduled up to a week in advance;
  • Visits are limited to one 20-minute visit each day;
  • Visits start at the scheduled time and end 20 minutes later; a count-down timer on the terminal screen shows us when the visit will end;
  • No visits by people if there is a restraining order or no-contact order in place;
  • No nudity/partial nudity during any visits;
  • Staff have discretion to deny, change, or cancel visits;
  • Visitors under the influence of drugs or alcohol will not be permitted to visit;
  • Visitors cannot wear see-through clothing, sheer clothing, tube tops, low-cut shirts, short-shorts, mini-skirts, or other clothing that exposes and traditionally private areas;
  • Clothing cannot have any gang-related symbols, themes, or colors; and
  • Clothing cannot have vulgar themes, or objectionable language or themes. 
  • On-site visitors have the following rules:
  • Two adult visitors per visit; children may accompany them;
  • No minors or children can be left unattended in the lobby;
  • Visitors who create a disturbance can have future visits restricted;
  • Visitors who engage in any type of sexually explicit behaviors or gestures can have their visits terminated and may be restricted from future visits;
  • Visitors may not bring unauthorized firearms, alcoholic beverages, narcotics, explosives, tools that could be used in an escape, or controlled substances into the jail;
  • Visitors may not stack or rock back in the provided chairs.

Phone Privileges

The Anoka County Jail allows inmates to make outgoing phone calls and inmates are generally able to place calls from 9am to 10pm.  If you receive a call from the jail, it will be preceded by a message allowing you to accept or decline the call.  If you are receiving unwanted calls from an inmate, you can follow telephone prompts to block future calls or you can call the Anoka County Jail’s duty sergeant at 763-324-5106.

The Anoka County Jail’s phone service provider is ICSolutions.  You can contact them at their website or by phone at 888-506-8407.  Inmates can place calls in three ways.  They can place collect calls, use pre-paid calling cards that they purchase through the jail commissary to place calls, or use a pre-paid account.  To put money in an inmate’s account to purchase a calling card, you can place money in the inmate’s commissary account online, by phone, or using the kiosk in the jail lobby.  To place money in the pre-paid account, visit ICSolutions.

Inmate Trust Accounts / Commissary

The Anoka County Jail uses Keefe Commissary Network as the jail’s commissary service provider.  There are two ways to fund an inmate’s commissary account.  You can set up a prepaid account online or by telephone at 866-345-1884.  You can also use the lobby kiosk for inmate deposits.  The lobby kiosk is accessible seven days a week, from 7am to 10pm.  The lobby kiosk only accepts cash. 

Bail Information

You can pay bail at the Anoka County Jail.  The Anoka County Corrections Department accepts payment for probation and supervision fees, UA fees, restorative justice fees, programming fees, and intensive supervised alcohol program.

You can pay the full amount of cash bail.  This bail is refundable as long as the inmate appears at hearings.  If you are unable to pay the full amount of cash bail, you can hire the services of a bail bondsman.  The bail bondsman charges a fee, which is usually 10% of the bond.  That fee is non-refundable.

The Anoka County Jail cannot recommend a bail bondsman, but you can find them online or in the Yellow Pages.


The Anoka County Jail is run by the Anoka County Sheriff’s Office, under the direction of Anoka County Sheriff James Stewart.  The jail is supervised by Commander Dave Pacholl and Lieutenants Sheila Larson and David Tedrow.  The jail is a mixed direct and remote supervision facility, which strives to provide the appropriate levels of supervision and interaction for each inmate, based on the inmate’s supervision needs.  An inmate’s placement not only impacts daily interactions, but may also impact the inmate’s visitation schedules and access to any type of resources in the jail.  The two general designations are regular security and Maximum Security, though placement in Maximum Security may be based upon several different factors, including the charges against an inmate, the inmate’s prior criminal history, and an inmate’s behavior once he or she has been incarcerated in the Anoka County Jail Facility.

The Anoka County Jail has instituted a video visitation system to allow inmates more frequent visits with their family.  There are two types of video visitation.  On-site visitation, which is free, occurs in the jail’s visiting center.  Up to two adults can visit an inmate at the same time at the on-site visitation center.  Remote visits allow visitors to use an internet connection to visit an inmate.  There is a charge associated with these visits.   However, the number of visitors is not limited in the same was as on-site visits and remote visitors do not have to comply with the same number of rules and regulations as on-site visitors.  This can make remote visitation a more appealing option, especially for larger family groups or for visitors with multiple minor children.

The Anoka County Jail is located at 325 East Jackson Street, Anoka, Minnesota, 55303.  The jail’s phone number is 763-324-5100.  The jail does not allow inmates to get incoming phone calls, but if you have an emergency situation, you can contact the jail to see if they will relay a message to the inmate.

Anoka County Jail Data & Statistics:

Total Confined 255
Full-Time Prison Employees 87
*statistical information was retrieved from latest available copy of prison data provided by census bureau

Year Built or Opened: 1983 Warden or Supervisor: Commander Dave Pacholl Daily Inmate Count: 214 Total Capacity: 238 Security Level(s): minimum - medium

325 East Jackson Street
Anoka, MN 55303

Phone Number(s): 763-323-5070
Fax Number: 763-323-5233
Email Address: [email protected]

325 East Jackson Street
Anoka, MN 55303

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Sponsored and Powered by our Partner TruthFinder

Criminal & Traffic Records Search

Sponsored and Powered by our Partner TruthFinder