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Benton County Arkansas Sheriff's Office
Benton County - County Jail - Arkansas
Benton County Jail

Benton County Jail, in Bentonville, Arkansas is a county-level correctional facility that is run by the Benton County Sheriff’s Department.  The current Benton County Sheriff’s Department Sheriff is Shawn Holloway.  The Benton County Jail houses three type of offenders: those who have been officially charged with a crime; those who are awaiting trial; and those who have been convicted of a crime and are serving their sentences in the Benton County Jail facility. 

When it opened in April of 1999, the Benton County Jail was a state-of-the-art facility.  The then-sheriff Andy Lee worked with architects and jail consultants, touring jail facilities in Colorado and Wyoming to try to determine how to design the jail. To build the jail, the county instituted a half-cent county jail tax, raising $16.8 million for the cost of the jail. They took the best aspects of each jail.  The result is that the Benton County Jail is a non-linear, direct/indirect supervised facility.  It has several different types of pods: maximum security, minimum security, dormitory housing, and a barracks for work-release inmates.  The jail facility is 100,355 square foot facility with 16,938 of administrative office area.  It can hold 508 inmates.  You can visit here for an online tour of the Benton County, Arkansas Jail facilities.

The Benton County Jail is well known for its Inmate Work Force Division.  The Work Force Division is composed of male and female inmates with non-violent charges.  Usually the inmates have been sentenced by the county or are incarcerated for probation violations.  Inmates who qualify for the Work Force Division can reduce their sentence duration. Inmates on the Work Force Division provide inmate labor for several services including: trash pickup along state and county roadways; building maintenance for the Sheriff’s building as well as other county buildings; custodial services for the Benton County Sheriff’s Office and the jail facility; setup and take down for county events.

In addition to its official website, the Benton County Sheriff’s Office also maintains a Facebook page and a Twitter feed.  It updates these social media sites regularly, with both community information and information about the jail and inmates.

Bentonville, located in Benton County, might be most famous because it is home to the retail giant, Wal-Mart.  Because of this large corporate presence, Benton County is one of the fastest growing counties in the world, which requires the Benton County Sheriff’s Office to be flexible and responsive to the rapidly changing population.  Benton County was founded in 1836, and was formed from a part of Washington County.  Gideon G. Pace was the county’s first sheriff.  Today, the Benton County Sheriff’s Department serves over 200,00 residents and employs over 200 professionals including law enforcement officers and civilian employees. 

Benton County Jail Physical Address:

1300 SW 14th
Bentonville, AR 72712

Inmate Mailing Address:

Inmate’s Name
300 SW 14th St.
Bentonville, AR 72712

You do not have to include the inmate’s inmate number, housing unit, or housing pod on incoming inmate mail.  In addition, inmates cannot receive any packages, only letters.  Inmates can send only a maximum of two personal letters per week; but there is no limit for outgoing mail.  To arrange to send books or magazines to the inmate, you can contact the jail for details of how to arrange those items to be shipped directly from the publisher.

Benton County Jail Phone number:

(479) 271-1008.  That is the Benton County Sheriff’s Office number; the jail clerk’s number is 479-271-1011.  You can contact the jail clerk for any information about inmates.  Inmates cannot receive incoming calls.  To determine whether you can leave a message for an inmate in an emergency scenario, contact the jail clerk with the emergency and follow his or her instructions. 

Benton County Jail Roster:

Benton County Jail provides a number of different ways to find inmates in the Benton County Jail.  Benton County, Arkansas inmates are listed on the Benton County Jail Roster and in the VINELink system.  The Benton County Inmate roster is an inmate finder list that provides the names of all inmates alphabetically.  When you click on an inmate’s name, it pulls up a more detailed record of the inmate’s jail history.  This record includes a mugshot or booking photo, the charges or convictions, and, perhaps most importantly detailed visitation information allowing you to see, at a glance, whether the inmate has any additional visitations that can be scheduled.

Benton County Jail Inmate Search:

Benton County Jail inmate locator does not require you to go through the entire inmate roster to find an inmate; instead, it allows you to use the inmate’s first and last name to search the Benton County Jail inmate roster and determine whether an inmate is incarcerated at the facility. It provides information on all Benton County Jail inmates. The information includes the inmate’s identifying information, crime information, and the inmate’s current status.  The information also includes the inmate’s mugshot or booking photo.  In addition to being able to search by inmate name, you can also search by charge or intake date.    

The Benton County, Arkansas Jail is also a participant in the VINELink program.  VINE is a victim notification system that allows registered individuals to access inmate information 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  This information includes custody status changes and criminal case information.  More importantly, users can register for automatic updates through VINE, by phone, email, TTY, and text message. 

If you are looking for an inmate in Benton County, but cannot locate him or her using the Benton County Jail Roster or Inmate Search systems, it is possible that the defendant was arrested by the Bentonville Police Department.  You can contact the Bentonville Police Department at 479-271-5900. 

Jail Records / Arrest Records:

The Benton County Jail’s  Inmate Roster system gives you specific information about inmates currently detained in the Benton County Jail system.  The Benton County Sheriff’s Department also provides additional ways to find out information about criminals in Benton County.  For example, the Benton County Sheriff’s Office maintains an Active Warrant list, which shows all warrants currently active in the county.   It also maintains a Most Wanted list, which shows active most wanted alerts as well as recent captures from the most wanted list.  The Benton County Sheriff’s Office also maintains an up-to-date crime blotter and information feed on its website.  For more information on jail records or arrest records, you can contact the Benton County Sheriff’s Office main information number. 

Benton County Jail Mugshots:

Benton County Jail’s inmate roster provides links to specific inmate information, which contains images of inmate mugshots or booking photos.  Using an inmate’s first name, last name, charges, or intake date you can find the record for a specific inmate.  The records include the inmate’s identifying information, crime information, and the inmate’s current status.  The information also includes the inmate’s mugshot or booking photo. Mugshots can be helpful if you are trying to determine whether an inmate with a certain name is a specific individual.  They can also be helpful in assessing inmate condition at the time of intake.

Benton County Jail Visitation:

Visitation at the Benton County Jail is in-person visitation at the jail facility.  Unlike some jail facilities, the Benton County Jail does not have video visitation, either at the facility or by remote visitation.  However, while it maintains an in-person visitation policy, its visitation rules and regulations are relatively strict.  Non-compliance will result in a visitor being unable to visit an inmate. 

There are three steps to visitation at the Benton County Jail.  All visitors must read the Mandatory Visitation Dress Code and Policy.  All visitors, adults and children, must be individually registered on the website prior to scheduling a visit.  No more than four total visitors will be permitted at each visit, and there must be at least one adult visitor present.  All visitations must be scheduled online, using the inmate’s first and last name. 

All adult visitors must have a state-issued ID in order to visit.  If you are uncertain whether your ID is sufficient, contact the jail to ask prior to visitation.  Only four visitors are allowed at each visit, including minor visitors.  Minors must be accompanied by adults.

Visits are by housing units and, depending on the inmate’s pod, visitation times are scheduled from 8AM to 7:45PM.  Each inmate can have one scheduled inmate visitation.  Visiting days are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  To find out the specific visitation information for the inmate, look up the inmate in the jail roster or in the provided link on the inmate visitation page.  Once you select an inmate, a dialogue box will appear giving you detailed visitation information.  That information not only lets you know the housing unit and pod for that inmate, but also whether the inmate has any visitation times available to schedule.

If an inmate is housed in the H building, then visitors should park in the H building parking lot and proceed directly into the H building for visitation.  To determine whether an inmate is in the H building, please read the pop-up dialogue box that appears when you search for the inmate using the jail’s inmate roster or inmate locator systems.

The Benton County Jail dress code and visitation policy are similar to those found in other correctional facilities.  Visitors must dress modestly.  Shirts or tops must completely cover cleavage; any skirts, shorts, or dresses must be longer than the fingertips; no sheer tops allowed; no belly-baring or midriff shirts allowed; no tank tops or strapless shirts are permitted; no sagging or excessively baggy shorts are permitted.  Removing any clothing like a shawl, scarf, or garment, to reveal clothing that violates the dress code is prohibited and will result in terminating the visit and the visitor being banned from future visits.  Whether your clothing complies with the dress code is to be determined at the Benton County Jail facility’s discretion. 

Visitors may not bring items into visitation.  The only permissible items are keys and the visitor’s identification.  This includes cell phones.  Children must remain with an adult at all times during the visit.  Visitors must go through a metal detector.  All visits must be scheduled in advance of the visitation. 

Benton County Jail Inmate Phone Privileges:

Inmates cannot receive incoming phone calls.  Generally, inmates cannot receive messages.  However, if you have an emergency, you can contact the main jail number with the emergency and the jail staff may inform the inmate.  The jail staff has to discretion to determine whether or not a situation is an emergency.

Inmates have access to phones in their housing areas for outgoing phone calls.  These phone calls must be collect calls.  Inmates do not have access to a way to look up phone numbers.  Jail phone calls are monitored and may be recorded.  Any attempt to call transfer or conference call will result in the call being disconnected.

Inmates can also set up a prepaid phone account through Correct Solutions.  You can call correct solutions at 877-618-3516.  You can also add money to an inmate’s phone account by coming to the Sheriff’s lobby from 7AM to 11PM, except for holidays. 

Benton County Send Inmate Money / Commissary:

The Benton County Jail uses Keefe Commissary to manage its inmate trust accounts.  To add money to a commissary account, you can contact Keefe Commissary at 866-345-1884 or you can come to the Sheriff's office lobby during the hours of 7:am to 11:pm excluding holidays.

The Benton County Jail uses the Access Securepak program to provide package deliveries to inmates in their system.  To use that commissary system, you need to register at the Access Securepak website.  They do not maintain a general commissary menu.  Instead, you need to have inmate information, including the inmate’s number or first and last name, to begin the ordering process.  That information will provide you with a link to the commissary items that inmate can purchase.  (Some inmates may be restricted from receiving certain commissary items because of disciplinary rules or medical concerns).  That website also provides detailed delivery information, including a delivery schedule. 

Inmates can also set up a prepaid phone account through Correct Solutions.  You can call correct solutions at 877-618-3516.  You can also add money to an inmate’s phone account by coming to the Sheriff’s lobby from 7AM to 11PM, except for holidays. 

Post Bail or Bond in Benton County:

For information on how to post bond or bail in Benton County, you can contact the Benton County Sheriff’s Department at 479-271-1008.  You can also access inmate information in the inmate locator or inmate roster systems to determine if a particular inmate is eligible for bail and the amount of either a cash bond or a bail bond.

Many people are confused about the terms bail and bond.  Bail is money that a defendant provides to guarantee that the defendant will appear in court.  It is not meant to be punitive, but only meant to guarantee the defendant’s personal appearance.  However, to determine the bail amount, the court considers several factors.  These factors include a defendant’s community ties and what type of flight risk the defendant would be.  Defendants who have significant financial resources may be asked to post higher bails because they may be willing to lose a smaller amount of money.  Likewise, defendants accused of serious crimes with significant consequences may be given higher bail amounts because they have greater incentives to flee.  That said, bail amounts are not supposed to be excessively high; if a defendant is deemed too dangerous to be released pre-trial, the court should deny bail rather than grant bail at an excessively high amount.

A bond is the amount actually paid to secure a defendant’s release.  A cash bond is when a defendant pays the full bail amount to the court.  Cash bonds cost more money for a defendant, but, once the defendant appears in court, the defendant is entitled to return of the bond money.  However, if a defendant cannot pay the full amount of the bond, then he or she can seek the services of bail bondsman.  A bondsman pays the court a portion of the defendant’s bail, along with a promise that he or she will pay the full bond amount if the defendant fails to appear in jail.  In return for those services, the bondsman usually requires a non-refundable 10% of the bail amount and security for the remainder of the bail amount. 


Year Built or Opened: 1999 Warden or Supervisor: Sheriff Meyer Gilbert Daily Inmate Count: 481 Total Capacity: 508 Security Level(s): medium

1300 SW 14th Street
Bentonville, AR 72712

Phone Number(s): 479-271-1008

1300 SW 14th Street
Bentonville, AR 72712

Criminal & Traffic Records Search

Sponsored and Powered by our Partner TruthFinder

Criminal & Traffic Records Search

Sponsored and Powered by our Partner TruthFinder