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Cummins Unit

Lincoln County - Federal Prison - Arkansas

Inmates can usually use money in prison for commissary items, such as food and toiletries. However, sending cash directly to prisoners is generally prohibited. To send money to an inmate at visit: Visiting instructions for prisons are subject to change based on prison conditions. To find up-to-date prison visiting information, please visit: Cummins Unit's phone policies allow inmates to call people on an approved call list. Inmates are responsible for the costs of these calls. To be placed on a call list or to pay for inmate calls, visit

Cummins Unit's warden is Billy Straughn. Cummins Unit is located at State Hwy 388, Gould, Arkansas 71643. Inmates cannot receive phone calls, but if you need to contact the prison, you can call. Cummins Unit is a facility housing Male offenders. Cummins Unit is a Min, Med, Max level prison. That means it houses offenders who are rated, or lower, though special sections of the prison may temporarily house higher-level offenders. There are 1876 inmates at Cummins Unit.

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Phone Number(s): 870-850-8899

Cummins Unit