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ASPC Florence | Arizona Department of Corrections
Pinal County - State Prison - Arizona
Arizona State Prison Complex Florence

Status: Active, opened in 1908

Location: Florence, Arizona

Address: 1305 E Butte Ave, Florence, AZ 85132

Mailing Address:     

P.O. Box 629
Florence, AZ 85132

Phone Number: 520-868-4011; inmates cannot receive phone calls           

Fax Number: 520-868-5333; inmates cannot receive faxes

Offender Gender: Male

Security Level: Maximum; Security Levels 2,3, and 5

Warden: Greg Fizer

Employees: 671 guards

Distinguishing Feature: The Arizona State Prison Complex, Florence, is one of Arizona’s largest prisons and it houses some of the state’s most dangerous criminals.  The state’s death chamber is located at the Arizona.  

The Arizona State Prison Complex Florence, sometimes referred to as the Florence State Prison, though the actual Florence State Prison building has been closed, is one of the largest prisons in the Arizona Department of Corrections public prison system.  The state of Arizona also has inmates in privately operated prisons.  

Six Housing Units:

Central Unit - level 5 security
East Unit - level 3 security North Unit - level 2 security
South Unit - level 3 security
CB-Kasson - level 5 security
Globe - level 2 security
Tempe St. Lukes - level 2-5 security

The inmate population at the Arizona State Prison Complex Florence is tremendously varied.  They range from level 2 to level 5 security risks.  Level 2 offenders are considered low risk and area given a wide variety of opportunities for prison programming, including the opportunity to work off-site.  Level 5 offenders are considered high risk. In addition, death row and the state’s death chamber are located at this facility. 

The living conditions at the Arizona State Prison Complex in Florence vary from unit to unit.  However, prison understaffing has led to dangerous conditions for the guards and the inmates.  There is currently a lawsuit by guards pending against the state of Arizona, alleging that understaffing led to the conditions that permitted inmates to assault and seriously injure these guards.  Amnesty International has also criticized the living conditions at the prisons, due to overcrowding and extended periods in solitary confinement.

Because Arizona State Prison Complex Florence is actually divided into a number of different living units, not all of the inmates at the prison are eligible for all of the rehabilitation or other programs offered in the prison.  Therefore, it is important to look at prison programming by unit.  In the Central Unit, inmates are able to participate in prison work programs and the ABE and GED education programs.  In the Kasson Unit, inmates can participate in ABE and GED education programs.  They can also participate in special education programs, mandatory literacy programs, media programs, Title One, design for living, and alcohol education programs.  In the East Unit, inmates are prepared for reentry into society with cognitive restructuring classes, domestic violence classes, re-entry classes, parenting classes, and back to basics classes.  They can also participate in a poetry workshop.  In the North Unit, inmates can participate in ABE, GED, and ICVC programs.  They can also work in the prison and on outside work crews.  In the South Unit, inmates can participate in ABE and GED educational programs.  Vocational training includes a classic car restoration program.  They can also participate in two workshops sponsored by Arizona State University: Fiction Workshop and The Structure of Language.  These inmates have the greatest work opportunities at Florence, and can participate in construction technology, welding technology, wood and metal refurbishing, and metal fabrication programs.  They also have access to treatment programs including: re-entry curriculum, cognitive-thinking for a change, cultural diversity, conflict resolution, domestic violence, AA, back to basics, and S.M.A.R.T.  At the Globe Unit, inmate education programs include: mandatory education, GED, Chapter 1 literacy, college distance learning, parenting classes, and distance learning.  These inmates may also be on outside work crews and work with a variety of local government entities including the Arizona State Land Fire Crew. 

There are a number of prisoner work opportunities and the prisoners work on local work crews, work in a machine-shop, restore vehicles, fabricate metal, and refurbish wood and metal. 

The prison was originally constructed in 1908 by prisoners who lived in tents while they were building the prison.  This prison contained the state’s death chamber, which was originally a hanging scaffold.  This was replaced by a gas chamber after an unsuccessful hanging.   

Placidio Silvas, one of the suspects in the famous series of murders known as the Ruby Murders, and one of the subjects of the largest manhunt in United States history was incarcerated at Florence and scheduled for execution, but he escaped.  

Inmate Mailing Address:    

Central Unit:                                    

Inmate Name, ID Number
ASPC-Florence, Central Unit
P.O. Box 8200
Florence, AZ 85132

East Unit:

Inmate Name, ID Number
ASPC-Florence, East Unit
P.O. Box 5000
Florence, AZ 85132

Globe Unit:

Inmate Name, ID Number
ASPC-Florence, Globe Unit
P.O. Box 2799
Globe, AZ 85502

Kasson Unit:

Inmate Name, ID Number
ASPC-Florence, Kasson Unit
P.O. Box 8200
Florence, AZ 85132

North Unit:

Inmate Name, ID Number
ASPC-Florence, North Unit
P.O. Box 7000
Florence, AZ 85132

South Unit:

Inmate Name, ID Number
ASPC-Florence, South Unit
P.O. Box 8400
Florence, AZ 85132

Locate an Inmate Arizona’s inmate datasearch function not only contains locator information for inmates who are currently incarcerated in the Arizona Department of Corrections, but also basic criminal history information about those inmates.  This information includes: commitment information, sentence information, profile classification, infractions, parole action, parole placement, work programs, detainer or warrant information, and aliases. 

Visit an Inmate One significant difference between Arizona and some other states is that visitors must be approved prior to visiting an inmate.  This link not only provides information about visiting schedules and rules while visiting, but also the application that must be approved prior to a first-time visit. 

Visitation Hours:

East Unit
Globe Unit
South Unit
North Unit
Kason Unit
Central Unit

Send Money to an Inmate   There are three different vendors who can put money into inmate trust accounts, and each of these vendors has phone, internet, and in-person options.  The vendors include JPAY Inc., Global Tel-Link, and Keefe. 

Receive Calls from an Inmate


Year Built or Opened: 1908 Warden or Supervisor: Warden Greg Fizer Total Capacity: 3,946 Security Level(s): minimum - maximum (level 2-5)

P.O. Box 629
Florence, AZ 85132

Phone Number(s): (520) 868-4011
Fax Number: (520) 868-5333

1305 E Butte Ave
Florence, AZ 85132