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Apache Junction Jail

Apache Junction Jail is located in the city of Apache Junction, Arizona which has a population of 38,074 (as of 2016) residents. Prisoners are housed in separate areas depending on the crimes they committed, their current risk assessment, and their behavior. This facility is currently under the supervision of Chief of Police Thomas E. Kelly and houses male and female offenders.

If you have a family or loved one that is currently incarcerated at Apache Junction Jail, the first thing you should do is contact the prison for information on the inmate. Based on the information you are provided, you would then contact either a criminal defense lawyer or a bail bond service. They will provide you with vital information which can be used to defend an individual and in a lot of cases get them released from detention while awaiting trial.

Apache Junction Jail Facility and Inmate Contact Information:

Phone Number to Reach this Facility is:

(480) 982-8260

Fax Number for Apache Junction Jail is:

(480) 983-1632

Email Address for this Facility:

[email protected]

Send Mail to the Facility (not inmates):

Apache Junction Jail
300 E. Superstition Blvd.
Apache Junction, AZ 85119

To Send Mail to an Inmate at Apache Junction Jail:

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Apache Junction Jail
Inmate Name, Inmate ID #
300 E. Superstition Blvd.
Apache Junction, AZ 85119

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Recent News for Apache Junction Arizona Police Department:

Apr 9th, 2017 - Apache Junction City Council accepts fifth towing company.The Apache Junction Police Department prescribed that the city gathering affirm four towing organizations to part calls for administration, yet the board endorsed an extra business at a meeting April 4. The chamber voted 7-0 to support granting seven-year contracts to tow vehicles and give neighborhood stockpiling administrations. Voting yes were Mayor Jeff Serdy, Vice Mayor Chip Wilson and chamber individuals Jeff Struble, Gail Evans, Christa Rizzi, Dave Wladron and Robin Barker. The organizations and area of the neighborhood storerooms are: Big Boyz Towing, 1414 E. eighteenth Ave.; Apache Sands Towing, 1727 S. Mariposa Road; C.L. Lord Towing, 216 S. Ironwood Drive; and Phoenix Metro Towing, 2244 W. Apache Trail, all in Apache Junction. The vote likewise incorporated a fifth, EZEE Towing, 1151 W. Apache Trail, additionally in Apache Junction. Dan Saldana, AJPD movement/organization sergeant, said a demand for recommendations said the city would go into contracts with at least three and not more than five specialist organizations that would give crisis and non-crisis tows. Councilwoman Rizzi inquired as to why AJPD ran with four organizations rather than the most extreme of five. "The division feels that four is productive and the way that we would have the capacity to direct that number. The towing facilitator should deal with the agreement … and this will be one of his insurance obligations. He will have different assignments, so we felt four would be a number that was proficient and achievable," Sgt. Saldana said. "What's more, … what was the number that we had done before?" Councilwoman Rizzi inquired. "The past get that had terminated as of now was a five-year contract. We initially had four tow suppliers," Sgt. Saldana said. Councilwoman Evans inquired as to whether Apache Sands was the main tow organization that has an overwhelming wrecker. "We have two organizations – Phoenix Metro and Apache Sands have overwhelming obligation wreckers, that were bidders," Sgt. Saldana said. "They get utilized, possibly, on more than one occasion a year. I know in our past contract, we had an issue with relinquished RVs inside the city. We had a couple of those now and again," he said. Amid an open hearing on the towing contracts, three individuals talked for including a fifth organization. Two were from EZEE Towing and one was from Executive Towing, 2244 W. Apache Trail in Apache Junction. "We included the nearby tow organization there. It was a decent case of majority rules system in real life. They came and displayed their case. They had legitimate focuses, so we put on a nearby organization. It's useful for the group," Mayor Serdy said April 5. Albeit Executive Towing is likewise nearby, Mayor Serdy stated: "I think EZEE as a result of the position. They had been here longer. I feel that is the reason the committee ran with them."


Warden or Supervisor: Chief of Police Thomas E. Kelly Security Level(s): minimum

300 E. Superstition Blvd.
Apache Junction, AZ 85119

Phone Number(s): (480) 982-8260
Fax Number: (480) 983-1632
Email Address: [email protected]

1001 N. Idaho Rd.
Apache Junction, AZ 85119