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North Kern State Prison

Kern County - Federal Prison - California

North Kern State Prison's warden is Kelly Santoro. Most of the prisons in the, are separated by gender. North Kern State Prison houses Male offenders. North Kern State Prison houses Min-Med level security offenders. Like most prisons, North Kern State Prison is above design capacity, and currently holds 4143 inmates.

North Kern State Prison is located at 2737 West Cecil Avenue, Delano, CA 93215. While inmates cannot generally receive phone calls, you may need to call the prison for some reason. The prison's main telephone number is: 661-721-2345.

Most prisons prohibit sending money directly to an inmate; you need to follow specific directions to set up accounts and send money. For information on how to send money to an inmate at North Kern State Prison visit: Most prisons have set visiting days, but visits may need to be rescheduled. Visiting instructions are also subject to change. Current prison visiting information can be found at: North Kern State Prison's phone policies allow inmates to call people on an approved call list. Inmates are responsible for the costs of these calls. To be placed on a call list or to pay for inmate calls, visit


Phone Number(s): 661-721-2345

North Kern State Prison