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Boulder County Jail is a county jail facility located in Colorado. Boulder County Jail is located at 3200 Airport Road Boulder , CO 80301. Boulder County Jail's phone number is 303-441-4650 303-441-4444 . Friends and family who are attempting to locate a recently detained family member can use that number to find out if the person is being held at Boulder County Jail. If you know that a person is being detained at the facility and want to be able to communicate with them, you need to follow the jail's instructions for inmate phone calls. Boulder County Jail uses CenturyLink - IC Solutions for inmate phone calls;you can find instructions about how to pay for inmate calls and be placed on a call list at their website. To send mail to an inmate at the facility, use the following mailing address: . Boulder County Jail's website, can provide additional information about mailing packages to inmates.

County jails tend to serve multiple functions and why a person is being detained in a jail facility helps determine many of the conditions of his or her incarceration. Jail is generally the first place a person is taken after being arrested. Some cities or other municipalities will have their own jail facilities, while others will be serviced by the county jail. Additionally, where a person is taken post-arrest may depend on who arrested him. County jails are generally run by county sheriffs or other local government officials and will have designated jurisdiction over offenders arrested by certain agencies, such as the sheriff's department, but may also provide overflow housing for areas that are also serviced by municipal jails. Therefore, you may have to contact multiple facilities in the immediate aftermath of an arrest in order to determine where a person is being detained.

Not all jail inmates are pre-trial detainees. County jails also serve as short-term post-conviction incarceration facilities for offenders who have been convicted of minor crimes or who have received short jail sentences. Generally, county jails will only house offenders who have received sentences shorter than a year in length, though some offenders with longer sentences may be placed in county jail facilities in order to participate in work programs. Those incarcerated in a county jail post-conviction may have access to many of the same resources as those incarcerated in prison, including drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs, education programming, and some type of vocational training. They may also be more likely to work within the community than people at state jail or prison facilities.

If you have a loved one or family member at [prison name], it is important to know whether the inmate is a pre-trial detainee or has already been convicted of a crime. Pre-trial detainees may need the services of an attorney and may even be eligible for pre-trial release. A bail bond service or a criminal defense attorney may be able to help your loved one secure a pre-trial release.

Boulder County Jail Data & Statistics:

Year Prison Last Renovated 2005
Average Daily Population 393
Total Confined 486
Total Confined Males Aged 18+ 448
Total Confined Females Aged 18+ 38
Full-Time Prison Employees 155
Part-Time Prison Employees 17
Total Salaries for Full/Part Time Employees $11,166,161.00
Number of Inmates in Education Programs 125
*statistical information was retrieved from latest available copy of prison data provided by census bureau

Phone Number(s): 303-441-4650 303-441-4444
Email Address: [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]

3200 Airport Road Boulder, CO 80301