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Palm Beach County Jail | Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office
Palm Beach County - County Jail - Florida
Palm Beach County Main Detention Center

This facility which is located on Gun Club Road, is one of two facilities and the original jail operated by the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office.  Sheriff Ric Bradshaw oversees the operation of this unit. The prison was constructed in 1993 at a cost of $52 million and had a capacity of 838 inmates.  After issues with an increase in prison population an east and west tower were completed.  The facility can now hold a maximum of 2156 prisoners, which includes an infirmary.  Main detention center is a minimum - maximum security facility and is used to house mostly male inmates including pre-trial, un-sentenced, high-risk, federal, and those that require special medical attention.  The 12th floor at this location is dedicated to male juvenile offenders.  This facility also houses adult female inmates who require special medical or mental health care and juvenile females.  The average population at Main Detention Center is 1769.

How to Contact Inmates at Palm Beach County Main Detention Center:

Phone Numbers:

561-688-4400 - Jail Administration
561-688-4340 - Inmate Records
561-688-4508 - Prison Programs
561-688-4510 - Chaplain Office

Physical Address

Palm Beach County Main Detention Center
3228 Gun Club Road
West Palm Beach, FL 33406

Mailing Address (for prisoners)

Inmate Name, Inmate ID #
Palm Beach County Main Detention Center
P.O. Box 24716
West Palm Beach, FL 33416

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If you want to view and/or download an inmate's arrest record, click here.

Legal & Financial Resources:

If you have a family member or friend recently incarcerated in Palm Beach County Main Detention Center, you should contact one of the following lawyers to assist you with the legal process.


The Ansara Law Firm and specifically attorney Alan Siegel, which is located at 500 S Australian Ave #638, West Palm Beach, FL 33401.  They have offices in both Palm Beach and Broward County.  They will provide you with a no-obligation consultation free of charge.  This firm handles both misdemeanor and felony cases including drug cases, DUIs, traffic offenses, and juvenile crimes.  Payment plans are also offered on a case-by-case basis.   You can reach them via telephone at (561) 955-0589 24 hours per day.

Law Offices of Greg Rosenfeld which is criminal defense firm based in Palm Beach County.  They will offer families free consultations 24/7 and payment plans when applicable.  You can reach this well reviewed company at 561-829-5203 or visit them online at here.  


If you are in need of a Bail Bonds service, we recommend Bail Bonds Now, which cover the entire state of Florida.  They are available 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, and even offer an option to apply online for immediate financial support.  You can reach them via telephone at 561-500-9999 or go online.

Visitation Information for Main Detention Center:

If you are interested in setting up a visit with an inmate at Main Detention Center, you must go to the following link and create an account.  You will then receive an email which will explain how to get your visiting information to the inmate so they can add you to their visitation list.  You can also download the android app for setting up visitation.

Recent News on Palm Beach County Main Detention Center:

July 27, 2016 - Three Palm Beach County men were charged for conspiring with ISIS.  Gregory Hubbard, Darren Jackson and Dayne Christian were all arrested on charges related to engaging with the terrorist group.  Hubbard was aprehended in Miami International Airport where he was scheduled to take a flight to Germany, then take a train to Turkey, finally arriving in Syria. The other two men were arrested for assisting Hubbard with his plan.  [ read full story ]

May 20, 2016 - 12 people including members of hacking group Anonymous and a news reporter from the Palm Beach Post were arrested over a protest on the lack of criminal charges against police officer Nouman Raja in the unwarranted killing of an african american male, Corey Jones.  The protest started at the office of State Attorney Dave Aronberg and moved to his condominium.  The 12 individuals arrested were taken to the Palm Beach County Main Detention Center. [ read full story ]

May 14, 2016 - Palm Beach County tax payers have spent $1.1 million or $158,000 per year between 2009 - 2015 on offenders at Palm Beach County Detention Center, that are being incarcerated for having possession of small amounts of marijuana.  Regardless, Sheriff Ric Bradshaw says he will not use an approved ordinance which would allow officers to give a civil citation assuming the possessed amount is less than 20 grams. [ read full story ]

Resources For Inmates & Families:

Sexual Predator Tracking & Information

Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office

FAQ for Palm Beach County Jails

Send Care Paks to Inmates


Year Built or Opened: 1983 Warden or Supervisor: Sheriff Ric Bradshaw Daily Inmate Count: 1769 Total Capacity: 2156 Security Level(s): minimum - maximum

P.O. Box 24716
West Palm Beach, FL 33416

Phone Number(s): (561)688-4400

3228 Gun Club Road
West Palm Beach, FL 33406