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Kitsap County - County Jail - Washington
Kitsap County Jail in Washington

The Kitsap County Jail system is a Jail in Kitsap County, Washington which is run by the Kitsap County Sheriff.  The Kitsap County Sheriff is Gary Simpson.  The Kitsap County Chief of Corrections is Mark Rufener. In addition to handling law enforcement for Kitsap County, the Kitsap County Sheriff is responsible for handing the detention of people legally confined in Kitsap County.

The Kitsap County Jail’s mission is to maintain a secure, legal, and respectful environment for officers, staffs, inmates, professional personnel, and the community.  They hope to accomplish this in a number of ways, by caring for inmates, assisting with the judicial system, and providing rehabilitation opportunities so that inmates are better able to enter society as self-sufficient and contributing members.

In addition to the Kitsap County Jail, the Kitsap County Sheriff’s Office operates the Work Release/Jail Alternatives Facility.

Kitsap County Jail Address:

The physical address for the Kitsap County Jail is:

Kitsap County Sheriff’s Office Jail
614 Division St. MS-33
Port Orchard, WA 98366

Kitsap County Jail 94 Kitsap Ln.
Brent, AL 35034

Mailing Address:

The mailing address for the Kitsap County Jail is:

Kitsap County Jail
614 Division St # MS-33
Port Orchard, WA 98366-4614

Phone Numbers:

The general information number for the Kitsap County Jail is 360-337-7107.  Inmates cannot receive incoming phone calls; for information on phone calls from inmates, see our inmate phone call section.

The number for jail reception is 360-337-7108.

The number for jail alternatives is 360-337-4951.

The number for jail medical is 360-337-7116.

Inmate Mailing Address:

The mailing address for the Kitsap County Jail is the same as the physical address.

Inmate’s Full Name
Kitsap County Jail
614 Division St # MS-33
Port Orchard, WA 98366-4614

Inmates have access to the U.S. mail delivery system.  Inmates cannot receive mail via Federal Express or United Parcel Service (UPS).   Inmate mail is monitored for contraband.  Any contraband will result in the mail being rejected and sent back to the sender.  If any contraband violates state or federal laws, the sender may be subject to prosecution.

Acceptable items for U.S. mail delivery to inmates include: letters, money orders, cashier's check, photographs, written documents forwarded for signature and legal mail between attorney and inmate.

Reasons that mail could be rejected include:

-Mail to and from an individual with whom contact is restricted by a court;
-Personal checks, payroll checks, US Treasury checks, checks from Tribal institutions, Social Security, SSI, and --unemployment checks;
-Letters written on colored paper;
-Glued items, tape, stickers; stamps;
-Glitter, gel pens, metallic ink, crayons, confetti, excessive ink, marker, or paint;
-Laminated items;
-Non-standard greeting cards including musical cards, greeting cards larger than 8” x 10”, padded greeting cards;
-Non-standard envelopes including manila envelopes, Tyvek envelopes;
-Obscene or sexually explicit material;
-General correspondence described as legal or privileged mail;
-Police reports sent in through legal or privileged mail;  
-Lipstick, perfume, cologne, or scented items;
-Any non-paper materials including plastic, metal items, paper clips, staples, string, ribbon, tape, or metal clasps; 
-Cigarettes or other tobacco products;
-Hardback books, CD’s or DVDs;
-Newspapers, soft cover books, and similar items, sent through the regular mail;
-Polaroid type pictures;
-Gang related material or material that appears gang-related;
-Food; or
-Foreign Substances.

Kitsap County Jail Roster:

Kitsap County Jail maintains an inmate roster.  This roster includes a full listing of inmates currently at the Kitsap County Jail.   The jail also maintains a list of people released in the last 24 hours as well as a list of people booked in the last 72 hours.  If you view the inmate roster, you can find additional information on the inmate including age, race, sex, booking date, court date, docket number, cause numbers, charges, bond amount, and bond type.  There are not mugshots on this inmate search site. 

The Kitsap County Jail also participates in the VINELink system.  VINE will let you know if an offender is in custody at the Kitsap County Sheriff’s Office Jail, and notify you when an offender is released, transferred, escapes, or has any other change in custody.  To participate in VINELink, you can sign up at or call 1-877-846-3492.    

Inmate Bookings:

Kitsap County Jail maintains a database of all people booked in the last 72 hours

Recent Arrests:

The Kitsap County Jail maintains a list of people booked in the last 72 hours; another list of people released in the last 24 hours; and a current inmate list. 

Kitsap County Jail Mugshots:

The Kitsap County Jail does not maintain a separate mugshot list.

Kitsap County Jail Visitation:

The Kitsap County Jail no longer offers in person visitation.  Instead, all inmate visiting has transitioned to a video only social visiting system provided by Telmate.

There are two ways to visit: on-site visits and video visits.

One 30-minute on-site visit will be provided at no cost per week per inmate. These visits are not cumulative. Visitors can purchase additional social visiting will be provided Monday-Sunday for an additional cost of $0.25 / min in 30 minute blocks. ($7.50) There is no limit on the number of paid visits, but it is on a first-come, first-serve basis. 

If visiting on-site, visitors will be required to be present in the jail reception area 10 minutes before their scheduled visit.

Inmates will not leave their cells for a visit, but will visit via video terminal from their housing unit.

In addition to on-site visits, inmates can also participate in remote visits.  Remote visits are done through the internet.  Inmates visit from the terminals in their cells.  Visitors can visit from any high-speed internet connection with a web-cam, microphone, and speakers.  The cost for remote visits is $0.66 / min in 30 minute blocks. ($20.00) There is no limit to the number of visits, as long as space is available. 

All inmate visits must be scheduled.  You can schedule a visit online at, or use the lobby kiosk in jail reception to register and schedule an appointment.  To schedule through the lobby kiosk, you can visit the kiosk Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 4:00 pm but is closed on holidays.

Minors can come to visitation, but they must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.  Minors also have to be on an inmate’s visitation list, but cannot register themselves for visitation.

Inmate Phone Privileges:

The Kitsap County Jail allows inmates to make outgoing phone calls.  Inmates cannot receive incoming phone calls and the Jail will not take messages for inmates. 

Inmates can make phone calls in two ways.  They can make outgoing calls without having a phone account or make phone calls using a phone account system through the Kitsap County Jail’s established service provider. 

Inmates use Telmate telephone services to provide inmate telephone services.  In addition, an inmate can contact family and friends by calling collect. 

You can contact Telmate at 1-866-516-0115 or online at to set up billing and accounts.

Contact Telmate at 1-866-516-0115 to block your number from inmate calls.  Once a number is blocked, the jail cannot unblock it.  You must contact Telmate in order to block or unblock numbers. 

Three way calls are prohibited, as is call-forwarding.  Any attempts to make a three-way call or forward any calls will result in the call being terminated.  It could also impact an inmate’s rights to make calls in general or to make calls to a specific number.

The Telmate System provides the following benefits for inmate’s friends and family:

-Voicemail from inmates;
-One-touch call answering;
-Multiple deposit methods; and
-Some of the industry’s lowest call rates.

Inmate Trust Accounts / Commissary:

Inmate trust accounts can be used for both commissary and canteen purchases and are a way for inmates to food and hygiene items that are not provided by the Kitsap County Jail, during the period of their incarceration.

Inmate trust accounts are for monies that friends or family members deposit for inmates to use while they are incarcerated.  These funds can be used by inmates to pay for commissary and canteen purchases, but not for their telephone services, which are managed by Telmate.

The Kitsap County Jail uses Access Corrections to manage inmate trust accounts.   You can make deposits on the internet, through mobile apps, and on the phone.

In addition to managing inmate trust accounts, Access Corrections also allows people to purchase items directly for inmates, rather than depositing money into inmate trust accounts.  This gives the depositor control over how the money given to inmates is used.  You can also visit this website to send food items and other items to an inmate:

Inmates will be issued some property upon entering into the jail system, which should be sufficient to cover basic inmate needs.  These items include:

-One set of inmate clothing;
-One pair of inmate sandals;
-One mattress cover;
-One blanket;
-One towel;
-Three boxers or pairs of underwear;
-Three pairs of socks;
-One plastic property bag;
-One cup;
-One spoon;
-One mesh laundry bag;
-One intake pack that includes a comb, toothbrush, toothpaste, soap and a pen;
-One ID wristband; and
-One Inmate Handbook.

Inmates will be able to use trust accounts to purchase other items through the commissary or canteen.  In addition, they can be sent additional items, rather than purchasing them with their commissary or canteen accounts.

Inmates are responsible for taking care of the property issued to them and will be charged for any property that is missing upon discharge.  In fact, inmates can incur charges in a number of ways, such as by destroying jail property.

Debts incurred by inmates while at the Kitsap County Jail for basic goods and services will be maintained after their release and will be collected from future money received in any inmate accounts.  It may also be sent to a debt collection agency for collection after an inmate’s release.

Inmates may have the following items in their possession: addresses and phone numbers on paper; prescription eyeglasses; contact lenses; medically necessary items; hearing aids; legal materials; papers; letters; photographs smaller than 8x11.

Bail Information

Not all inmates are eligible for bail.  You can look at an inmate’s individual record to determine whether or not the inmate is bail eligible and the amount of bail for each charge, as well as the court of jurisdiction.  However, inmates who are eligible for bail can be bailed out 24 hours a day at the jail.

Bail can be paid at the Reception Area, which is located on the second floor of the jail lobby.  An after-hours entrance is available after 10:00 P.M. via the intercom located at the main jail entrance.

Bail can be posted in a variety of ways, including: cash, cashier checks, or a bond from a bail bond company.

If bail is paid with a Cashier checks, the check must be made out to the court of jurisdiction over the defendant’s case.  DO NOT make out the cashier check to the Kitsap County Sheriff’s Office. 

The purpose of bail is to guarantee that a defendant will appear in jail.  Therefore, when cash bail is posted, it is possible that the person paying the bail will receive the money back once the person that is bailed out has completed their court appearances.  Refunds are handled by the court of jurisdiction over the defendant’s case.  The Sheriff’s Office does not refund bail monies.

If you need to use a bondsman, you can find authorized bail bond companies in the yellow pages under "Bail Bonds."  Bail bond companies charge a non-refundable fee for writing bail bonds.

The bond process is not instantaneous.  After bail has been posted, it can take up to 6 hours before an inmate is released and usually takes at least 2 hours.  How long it takes for an inmate to be released depends on factors like the day of week, time of day, and the number of other releases being processed.

Once released, individuals will exit the jail out of the glass door in the northeast corner of the jail and Sheriff’s Office entrance immediately behind the county courthouse.


The Kitsap County Sheriff, Gary Simpson, is in charge of the Kitsap County Jail and the Work Release/Jail Alternatives Facility, where they handle the detention of people legally confined in Kitsap County.  The Kitsap County Jail maintains a list of all inmates currently detained in the jail, all those booked within the last 72 hours, and all inmates released in the last 24 hours.

The Kitsap County Sheriff’s Office Jail is located at 614 Division St. MS-33, Port Orchard, WA 98366.  The phone number for the Jail is 360-337-7107.


Warden or Supervisor: Mark Rufener Daily Inmate Count: 404

614 Division Street MS-33 Port
Orchard, WA 98366

Phone Number(s): 360-337-7107
Email Address: [email protected]

614 Division Street MS-33 Port
Orchard, WA 98366

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