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Flathead County Sheriff's Office
Flathead County - County Jail - Montana
Flathead County Detention Center

The Flathead County Detention Center (also referred to as Flathead County Justice Center) is Flathead County’s local jail facility and is located in Kalispell, Montana.  It is run by the Flathead County Sheriff’s Department, which is headed by Flathead County Sheriff, Chuck Curry.  It is licensed by the Montana Department of Corrections.

The Flathead County Detention Center is a local jail facility that services Flathead County and the communities contained in Flathead County.  The facility holds adult inmates and has facilities for male and female inmates.  The Flathead County Detention Center was opened in October of 1987.  At the time, it had a holding capacity of 63.  Since then, the capacity of the jail facility has increased; by 2007, its average daily inmate population was 2007.

The Flathead County Detention Center is primarily a pre-trial holding facility, though it does have some pre-sentencing and post-sentencing detainees. Pre-trial facilities hold people who have been accused of crimes, but not convicted of those crimes.  While pre-trial holding facilities need to be secure in order to ensure that inmates are detained, unable to escape, and that inmates and staff are safe, the Flathead County Sheriff’s Department also makes efforts to try to avoid making pre-trial detention any more punitive than it has to be in order to ensure safety and security.

At the Flathead County Detention Center, inmates have daily access to medical care, commissary twice a week, and a book cart in lieu of a library. They are also permitted to make outgoing phone calls and to have visitors two days per week.  The book cart is filled with books and magazines that have been donated to the jail by area business, individuals, and churches, and is full of material that the jail’s staff has deemed appropriate for inmate use.  They are delivered on a weekly basis to all of the pods in the Detention Center.

The Flathead County Detention Center also provides access to some programming, though, as primarily a pre-trial detention facility, programming access is not as complete as it would be at a post-conviction facility.   The programming that it does offer focuses on addiction and addiction-related issues, and allows inmates to fulfill some sentencing terms that require them to participate in that type of programming. The jail has both A.A. and N.A. groups that meet at various times in the jail.  These programs use the 12 step approach to help inmates deal with drug or alcohol addiction and abuse issues.

Finally, the jail has an outdoor recreation area that allows inmates secure access to the outside.  It is a 40x30 foot room that allows inmates to get fresh air, exercise, and play basketball.

The Flathead County Detention Center also has special housing for juvenile offenders.  One of the programs available to juvenile offenders is the literacy program.  Since 1989, a non-profit group, the Literacy Volunteers of Flathead County, has been working to improve literacy rates in Flathead County.  The group teaches several different programs, including one-on-one tutoring, ESL classes, and classes aimed at improving life skills for those juveniles incarcerated at the Detention Center.  These courses go beyond literacy and incorporate visual arts, music, critical thinking, goal setting, and community service aspects.  These classes are confidential and free-of-charge.

Flathead County Detention Center Addresses

The Flathead County Detention Center’s address is:

Physical Address

Flathead County Detention Center

800 South Main Street

Kalispell, MT 59901

Sheriff's Office

Flathead County Sheriff’s Department

920 South Main Street

Kalispell, MT 59901:  

Mailing Address

The Flathead County Detention Center mailing address for non-inmate mail is:

Flathead County Detention Center

800 South Main Street

Kalispell, MT 59901

Inmate Mailing Address

To send mail to an inmate, address it with the inmate’s full name as follows:

Inmate Name

Flathead County Detention Center

800 South Main Street

Kalispell, MT 59901

Flathead County allows inmates to send and receive mail using the U.S. Postal Service.  They do not have specific mail rules, though Flathead County’s inmate handbook may provide additional guidelines for inmates once incarcerated.

There are some general rules that apply to inmate mail at most correctional facilities.  We are including these rules for guidance, though you should contact the Flathead County Detention Center for clarification on rules prior to sending any mail you worry may not comply with their guidelines.

  1. Mail should consist of standard 8x11 paper or postcards.  Do not send cards unless you check with the mail.
  2. Mail should be sent in an unadorned plain envelope with the sender and receiver’s full address, including full name.
  3. Do not send any foreign objects with the letter.
  4. Do not send cards that contain anything that could be used as a weapon, including cards with plastic, metal, or wood objects in them.  This includes musical cards or cards that light up or move.
  5. All mail should be free from foreign substances, such as lipstick, perfume, or bodily fluids.   
  6. Do not send sexually explicit material; in addition to material that could be considered obscene or pornographic, this prohibition usually extends to nudity as well.  In addition, written materials should not be obscene or pornographic, either.
  7. Do not send material depicting criminal behavior, including fictionalized accounts of criminal behavior.
  8. No gang-related materials, including photos with people flashing gang signs or dressed in gang colors.
  9. Do not send any material that could be considered volatile or incendiary in the mail; such material includes, but is not limited to, material that is racist or bigoted towards a religious group.
  10. Do not send anything like an escape plan or materials that could be used in crafting an escape plan. 
  11. Do not send weapons to the jail, or any materials that could be used to create weapons.
  12. Do not send drugs of any sort to the jail, whether over-the-counter, prescription, or illegal drugs.
  13. Do not send alcohol to the jail.
  14. Do not send tobacco or other nicotine products, including cigarettes to the jail.

Phone Numbers

The main contact number for the Flathead County Detention Center is 406-758-5617.  The Flathead County Sheriff Department’s main number is 406-758-5617.  The juvenile detention number is 406-758-5550.

Inmate Search

Flathead County Jail provides a list of current inmates.  According to Flathead County, the information on the list is accurate at the time it is extracted from the jail management systems.  At the top of the list, it gives the date and time of the list’s last update, as well as the total number of inmates currently at the Flathead County Detention Center.  The list then provides the inmates in an alphabetized list.  A quick view of the list shows the booking date, inmate last name, inmate first name, and the charges against the inmate.  It does not provide mugshots, bond amount, or projected release date.  It does not have a specialized search tool but is searchable using the CNTL+F “find” function on your computer.  It does not provide a way to select inmates to get more information about a particular inmate.

Inmate Bookings/ Recent Arrests

Flathead County Detention Center does not provide a recent arrest or inmate booking blotter, but it does provide s a list of current inmates.  These lists are regularly updated and include the time and date of the last update.  Although the inmates on the list are arranged in alphabetical order, it does list the inmate’s booking date as well.  There is no search tool, but you can use the CNTL+F “find” function on your computer to search by date.  Doing so, you can get an overview of all inmates that were booked on a particular date.  However, the information on this list is somewhat basic and does not contain mugshots; moreover, there is no way to select an inmate for more information about that inmate or the arrest.  The list does provide information about the charges against the inmate.  Flathead County also has a crime mapping program that provides a map of crimes in the county and lists the dates and details of the crime. If you are looking for a generalized overview of criminal activity in a certain time period, the crime mapping program may be more useful than the list of current inmates.


Flathead County Detention Center does not have a mugshot/booking photo database.  In addition, the list of current inmates maintained by the county does not have links to mugshots and does not contain any booking photos.


The Flathead County Detention Center offers in-person visitation.  The following schedule applies only to adult detainees; you must contact the jail facility for information about visiting any juvenile detainees.   

Visiting hours are Saturday, from 12:00pm to 9:00pm, with a one-hour lunch break from 1:00pm to 2:00pm.  Visitors may begin signing in for visitation at 11:45am.  Sunday visitation hours are from 9:00am to 9:00pm, with a one-hour lunch break from 1:00pm to 2:00pm.  Visitor sign in begins at 8:45am. 

Flathead County Detention Center specifically lists the following three rules for visitation:

  1. No more than four people per visit.
  2. One visit per inmate per day.
  3. All visitors must be 18 years of age or older.

Additional rules that often apply for visits to a correctional facility include:

  1. Visitors must show photo identification, such as a driver’s license, state-issued i.d. card, military i.d., or passport in order to visit;
  2. Certain items are prohibited in the visitation room.  In addition to contraband, these items may include seemingly innocuous items, so leave any unnecessary items in your vehicle;
  3. No cell phones at visitation;
  4. No intoxicated visitors;
  5. No disorderly/disruptive visitors;
  6. Do not try to give the inmate any items at the visits;
  7. Follow all guard rules about where to sit, whether you are able to touch the inmate, etc.; and
  8. Dress modestly.

Inmate Phone Privileges

Flathead County Detention Center does not permit incoming calls for inmates.  It does not provide extensive information on inmate phone calls, but inmate phone calls either have to be collect calls or made on a pre-funded inmate account using an authorized provider.  The jail phone service provider Securetel states that it provides services to Flathead County Detention Center.   Securetel is a division of Securus Technologies.  You can contact them directly with questions about billings and access at their phone number, 1-800-844-6591, or online at

All social inmate phone calls may be monitored and recorded. Lawyers need to register their numbers to ensure that calls to their offices are not monitored or recorded.

While Flathead County Detention Center does not permit inmates to receive incoming calls.  However, if you have an emergency situation, you can contact the jail at its main number 406-758-5617, explain the emergency, and see if they will ask the inmate to call you.  Be prepared to provide proof of the emergency.

Inmate Trust Accounts / Commissary

Flathead County Detention Center has trust accounts for inmates in order to allow the inmates to make purchases from the commissary.  Commissary is also known as canteen.  Commissary/canteen allows inmates to purchase items that are not available for free from the jail.  This includes hygiene items and some food selections.

The only deposits accepted for commissary/trust/canteen accounts is cash money, which must be delivered to the jail.

Bail Information

The inmate search tool for the Flathead County Detention Center does not provide bond information.  To find out if an inmate is eligible for bond, you need to contact the detention facility directly. 

There are two ways to post bond in Montana: paying a cash bond or using the services of a bail bondsman to secure bond.  There are advantages and disadvantages to each process. 

Cash bond is refundable; as long as the defendant appears at all scheduled court dates, then the person who posted bond has that bond returned at the conclusion of the defendant’s criminal case, even if the defendant is convicted.  If the defendant is convicted, but appeals that conviction, then the original bail is returned and the defendant must seek an additional post-conviction bond to attempt to remain out of jail pending resolution of the appeals process.

You may also use the services of a bail bondsman to secure a defendant’s release.  This usually involves paying a portion of the bond, generally 10 percent, as a fee to the bail bondsman.  The bail bondsmen then promises the court that the defendant will appear.  If the defendant fails to appear at trial, then the court collects the full amount of the bond from the bail bondsman.  This is oftentimes secured by some type of lien on real or personal property.  Even if the defendant appears at trial, the fee paid to the bail bondsman is non-refundable.

The Flathead County Detention Center cannot recommend a specific bail bondsman, but you can find them in the yellow pages or by looking online.


The Flathead County Detention Center is the local jail facility for Flathead County Montana.  Located in Kalispell, Montana and run by the Flathead County Sheriff’s Department, this facility primarily houses pre-trial detainees.  The facility holds adult male and female detainees and also houses some juvenile detainees, thought they are separated from the adult population.

While programming is limited at the Flathead County Detention Center because its population is mainly short-term pre-trial detainees, there are some programs that are aimed at helping inmates improve themselves while detained.  Inmates have access to Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings, Narcotics Anonymous (NA) meetings, a book cart, and some literacy programming while they are detained at the Flathead County Detention Center.

Inmates also have access an exercise/outdoor recreation area.  This is frequently asked question because of a lawsuit by an inmate against the Flathead County Sheriff, which alleged that the sheriff had prevented that particular inmate from recreation hours.  The lawsuit was decided in the inmate’s favor, but there was no finding of systemic abuses; instead, it seemed to reflect a conflict between the inmate and jail staff.  Other inmates report being permitted access to a large recreational room that gives them access to fresh air and provides opportunities for a variety of exercises, including playing basketball.

Juveniles detained at the Flathead County Detention Center also have access to a program run and maintained by the Literacy Volunteers of Flathead County, which uses visual arts, music, critical thinking, and goal setting to attempt to change behavior patterns in juvenile offenders.

Flathead County Detention Center Data & Statistics:

Average Daily Population 97
Total Confined 88
Total Confined Males Aged 18+ 77
Total Confined Females Aged 18+ 11
Full-Time Prison Employees 27
Total Salaries for Full/Part Time Employees $1,077,116.00
Number of Inmates on Work Assignment 5
Number of Inmates in Education Programs 4
*statistical information was retrieved from latest available copy of prison data provided by census bureau

Year Built or Opened: 1987 Warden or Supervisor: Sheriff Chuck Curry Daily Inmate Count: 97 Total Capacity: 63 Security Level(s): minimum - medium

Inmate Name
800 South Main Street
Kalispell, MT 59901

Phone Number(s): 406-758-5585
Fax Number: 406-758-5862

800 South Main Street
Kalispell, MT 59901

Criminal & Arrest Records Search


Criminal & Arrest Records Search

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