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Liberty Correctional Institution

Liberty Correctional Institution is located in the city of Bristol, Florida which has a population of 987 (as of 2013) residents. This prison has a capacity of 1,330 inmates, which means this is the maximum amount of beds per facility. Liberty Correctional Institution began processing inmates once the original construction was completed and service started in 1989 but may have been expanded or renovated since that time, to accommodate the growing prison population. There is an average of 1,288 inmates currently serving time at this facility. Prisoners are housed in separate areas depending on the crimes they committed, their current risk assessment, and their behavior. This facility is currently under the supervision of Warden Richard Johnson and houses male offenders.

If you have a family or loved one that is currently incarcerated at Liberty Correctional Institution, the first thing you should do is contact the prison for information on the inmate. Based on the information you are provided, you would then contact either a criminal defense lawyer or a bail bond service. They will provide you with vital information which can be used to defend an individual and in a lot of cases get them released from detention while awaiting trial.


- Total prison staff 279 (South Unit = 72)

- Academic Programs offered are: Adult Basic Education, General Educational Development, Volunteer Literacy Program

- Vocational Programs offered are: Waste Water - on the Job Training

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[email protected]

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Liberty Correctional Institution
11064 N.W. Dempsey Barron Road
Bristol, Florida 32321

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Liberty Correctional Institution
Inmate Name, Inmate ID #
11064 N.W. Dempsey Barron Road
Bristol, Florida 32321

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Year Built or Opened: 1989 Warden or Supervisor: Warden Richard Johnson Daily Inmate Count: 1,288 Total Capacity: 1,330 Security Level(s): Close, Medium, Minimum, Community

11064 N.W. Dempsey Barron Road
Bristol, Florida 32321

Phone Number(s): 850-643-9400
Fax Number: 850-643-9412
Email Address: [email protected]

11064 N.W. Dempsey Barron Road
Bristol, Florida 32321