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FCI Fort Dix
Burlington County - Federal Prison - New Jersey
Federal Correctional Institution Fort Dix

Prison System: Federal Bureau of Prisons, North Central Region

Status: Active                                        

Offender Gender: Male

Security Level: Low Security with a Minimum Security Satellite Camp

Distinguishing Feature: Fort Dix was opened to provide housing for a growing number of low and minimum security federal offenders.   

Number of Inmates: 4,357; 4,171at the prison and 366 at the satellite camp.

Federal Correctional Institution, Fort DixBecause Fort Dix FCI is a low to minimum security facility, many people think that it only houses prisoners who have committed “white collar” type crimes.  However, determining a prisoner’s security setting and supervision requirements involves more than an examination of a crime, and some of the prisoners at Fort Dix have extremely complicated criminal histories that can include violent crimes.  Therefore, while it is a low security facility, prisoners at Fort Dix are still expected to follow the same rules as prisoners at other federal facilities. Moreover, because many of the prisoners there have, in fact, committed white collar crimes, the prison has developed a reputation as being a site of ongoing, complicated criminal activity that goes beyond the normal gang-related criminal activity one expects to find in a prison environment. 

Fort Dix FCI is one of the largest prisons in the federal prison system.  It houses inmates who are not considered to be high risk for escape or for violence towards other inmates.  However, federal prison population is determined by a number of factors including security level, supervision requirements, medical needs, inmate program needs, proximity to the prisoner’s release residence, and administrative needs.  Prisoners in the federal system may be moved to several prisons during the duration of a prison stay, to ensure the optimal population in any prison system.  Therefore, the population of Fort Dix is subject to constant change.  To locate a prisoner’s current location, use the link to the Find an Inmate tool, found below. 

Furthermore, unlike most state prison systems, inmates in the federal prison system are not generally eligible for parole.  The Sentencing Reform Act provided that inmates sentenced after November 1, 1987 are ineligible for parole.  The Bureau of Prisons maintains a parole board to handle prisoners sentenced prior to that date.  However, prisoners can earn credit for “good time” which can result in up to a 54 day sentence reduction per year.  Prisoners can also receive sentence reductions for successfully completing substance abuse programs. 

Although not a military prison, Fort Dix FCI is located on a large military base, which means that while it is rated a low security facility with a minimum security camp, the security of the surrounding base makes it a slightly more secure facility than other low and minimum security facilities.  Although it is not a “country club” prison, it is considered a relatively good place to serve time, and prisoners are not considered in danger from guards or other prisoners.

The complex consists of two low-security compounds and a satellite camp or compound for minimum security prisoners.  Each low security compound has six housing units, where men use common bathrooms and sleep on bunk beds in dormitory style rooms.  Prisoners have regular access to exercise yards and can even participate in recreational programs and sports.  In addition, they have access to 300 minutes of telephone time per month.  Federal prisoners in minimum and low security facilities have a perk that many state prisoners do not; they can access an email system which allows monitored contact with people on an approved list.   While the inside of the prison offers relative freedom, there is no question that it is a prison; Fort Dix FCI is surrounded by doublewide fences strung with razor wire and concertina wire. 

Inmates at federal prisons, including Fort Dix, are expected to work while at the prison, and can earn varying pay depending on their job assignments.  Hourly wages range from $.12/hour for Grade 4 assignments to $.41/hour for Grade 1 assignments, but are conditioned on the repayment of fines or restitution and the completion of prison programs.  This adds up to an income of around $15 per month. 

Fort Dix has a variety of prison programs and inmates are permitted to engage in hobbies and crafts, including personal possession of a significant amount of hobby or craft items.   All inmates have access to psychology services, suicide screening and prevention services, drug education classes, Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, a residential drug abuse rehabilitation program (requires approved application), GED and ESL programs, vocational programs, post-secondary education, release planning programs, parenting programs, adult continuing education, and the leisure and law library.

Fort Dix FCI is a relatively new facility with little established history.  However, it made headlines in 2010, when inmate Dimorio McDowell was busted for running an identity theft ring from inside of the prison.  Along with non-incarcerated co-conspirators, McDowell obtained personal information from credit card users of major chain stores, then added himself and his co-conspirators as authorized users on those accounts.  The accumulated losses due to this theft were estimated to be between $500,000-$1,000,000.  After being convicted for this theft, McDowell was transferred out of Fort Dix to FCI Terre Haute, which severely restricts inmates access to the outside world. 

Famous former or current inmates of Fort Dix FCI include: George Jung, Richard Goldberg, Buddy Cianci, Martin Frankel, and Casey Fury.    

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Federal Correctional Institution

P.O. Box 2000

Joint Base MDL, NJ 08640


(SATELLITE CAMP)           

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Federal Correctional Institution

Satellite Camp

P.O. Box 2000

Joint Base MDL, NJ 08640

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Warden or Supervisor: Jordan Hollingsworth Daily Inmate Count: 4357 Security Level(s): Minimum

Staff Name
Federal Correctional Institution
P.O. Box 38
Joint Base MDL, NJ 08640

Phone Number(s): 609-723-1100
Fax Number: 609-724-7557
Email Address: FTD/[email protected]

5756 Hartford & Pointvile Rd
Joint Base MDL, NJ 08640