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Cowlitz County - County Jail - Washington
Cowlitz County Jail

Facility Information

The Cowlitz County Jail, located in Longview, Washington, is the local jail facility for Cowlitz County, Washington.  It serves the communities of Longview, Kelso, Castle Rock, Kalama, and Woodland, as well as the smaller communities in Cowlitz County.  In addition, the Cowlitz County Jail contracts with the Washington State Department of Corrections to provide housing for inmates who have violated the terms of their probation or parole and been remanded to custody as a result.  The Cowlitz County Jail generally has around 325 inmates in population.

The Cowlitz County Jail is supervised by the Cowlitz County Corrections Department, a criminal justice agency in Cowlitz County.  The agency is supervised by Director Marin Fox Hight.  It includes the following divisions: jail, probation services, and offender services. The jail division is taxed with providing safe and secure jail services for detainees in Cowlitz County.  Probation services is responsible for providing supervision to non-supervised offenders who have been referred to probation by the District and Municipal Courts.  The offender services division offers a range of alternative sentencing options to local judges and provides services to inmates.

Cowlitz County Jail Addresses

Physical Address

Cowlitz County Jail
1935 1st Avenue
Longview, WA 98632

Mailing Address

Cowlitz County Jail
1935 First Avenue
Longview, WA 98632

Inmate Mailing Address

Inmate Name
Cowlitz County Jail
1935 First Avenue
Longview, WA 98632

Cowlitz County Jail has a new policy, effective immediately, and will no longer be accepting any inmate mail unless it is contained in a plain white envelope.

Most inmates are permitted to send and receive mail.  However, some inmates may be restricted from mail privileges due to security concerns.

There are a number of restricted items that inmates may not receive.  If the items are restricted, but not considered contraband, then the jail may choose to hold those items and allow the inmate to receive them on release.  On the other hand, sending contraband to the jail can subject the inmate and the sender to potential criminal charges.  Even seemingly innocuous items, such as blank paper, envelopes, pens, blank cards, and phone cards are prohibited because they can be purchased through the commissary.

The following items are considered restricted items by the Cowlitz County Jail: stamps; unknown substances on paper, envelopes, or photos; lipstick, perfume, cologne, or scented items; stickers; string; ribbon; tape; confetti; post-it notes or other sticky notes; musical cards; glitter; labels; plastic; glitter pens; laminated objects; white-out; metal objects; paint; Polaroid pictures; cardboard; sexually explicit photos; construction papers; nude or semi-nude photos; cardstock; sexually explicit material; personal or payroll checks; pages torn from books, catalogs, or magazines; clothing; food items; gang-related material; tobacco products; materials that could be considered racist or otherwise inflammatory, inflammatory means any materials that advocate for the ridicule or scorn of any group, whether the group is ethnic, racial, religious, or otherwise defined; any used books; hardbound books; books, magazines, or newspapers not sent directly from the publisher, book club, or other recognized seller; and any other item that could be considered a threat to security.

Inmates may receive books, magazines, and other print publications.  However, these items must be new and they must be softcover.  In addition, they must be sent by a publisher or authorized seller of the item.  They cannot be sent directly to the inmate from someone outside of the jail facility who is not a publisher or authorized seller.

You may bring some personal property to inmates at the Cowlitz County Jail.  Inmates cannot receive any clothing or personal hygiene items; they are all provided by the jail or can be purchased through commissary.  You can bring prescription glasses or contact lenses for an inmate.  Inmates cannot receive contact solution.  Up to one week before a trial start date, you can bring court clothing for trials to the jail.  In addition, you can bring medications prescribed by a licensed medical provider to the jail in their original containers.

Phone Numbers

The Cowlitz County Jail’s general information phone number is: 360-577-3094.  You can reach the Director, Marin Fox Hight, at extension 2217.  You can reach Captain Blain Lux at extension 2228.  You can reach Captain Christopher Moses at extension 2212.  If you need to use TTY/VCO service, you can use Washington Relay and call 711 or 800-833-6384.  Normal jail hours are Monday-Friday, 8:00am through 4:00pm.    Inmates cannot receive incoming phone calls.

Cowlitz County Jail Roster

The Cowlitz County Jail operates an inmate roster, which lists current inmates in their system.  It does not include defendants who are on probation or who have been sentenced to alternative sentences.  At the top of the inmate roster, it lists the total number of current inmates, the number of inmates that have been booked in the last 24 hours, and the number of inmates that have been released in the last 24 hours.  The roster then lists inmates alphabetically.  The overview of the listings allows you to see the inmate’s name, inmate number, when the inmate was booked, and the inmate’s location.  It also has a button labeled profile/charges.  If you click on that button, you can find out additional information about the inmate.  That information includes visitation times, bond amount (if applicable), booking date, and arresting agency.  It does not contain a booking photo/mugshot.  You can then click on the charges option and view the charges against the inmate, along with the offense date, arresting agency, court, warrant or citation number, billing agency, bond type is applicable, and bond amount if applicable.

Inmate Search / Recent Arrests

The Cowlitz County Jail operates an inmate roster, which lists current inmates in their system.  At the top of the inmate roster, it lists the total number of current inmates, the number of inmates that have been booked in the last 24 hours, and the number of inmates that have been released in the last 24 hours.  If you click on the bookings button, then, instead of getting a complete list of all inmates in the facility, you receive an alphabetical list of inmates booked in the last 24 hours.  The bookings roster has the same type of basic overview listing of inmates, which provides basic information including: the inmate’s name, inmate number, when the inmate was booked, and the inmate’s location.  However, because the bookings are recent, you will not find the profile/charges button on most of the recently booked inmates.  Instead, the profile overview is all of the information you will find for most recently booked inmates.


The Cowlitz County Jail does not maintain a dedicated online booking photos/mugshots database.  In addition, there are not mugshots/booking photos in its jail roster. 

Jail Visitation

The Cowlitz County Jail offers video visitation for inmates. Visits cannot be set up via a phone call to the jail.  They must be scheduled online or in person at the jail.  To schedule a visit, visit the jail during normal business hours, which are Monday-Friday, 8am to 4pm.

The jail uses a third-party service provider, Securus Technologies, to help facilitate both on-site and remote from-home visits.  You can access the provider at

Visitors are responsible for correctly scheduling their visits, and must be aware that the scheduling system does not account for an inmate’s time out of the cell.  However, all scheduled visits must begin and end within the inmate’s out time.  All visits must also be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance.  All visits must be scheduled from 9:00am to 9:00pm.

Inmates on the Work Crew (H-Dorm) have the following visitation times.  On-site free visitation is Monday through Friday from 3pm to 9pm.  Off-site remote paid visits are from 3pm to 9pm daily.   For all other inmates, you can check their visitations, including the visitation schedule for inmates in housing units that are put on 1-hour out times, by clicking on the check visitation times now link on the jail’s website or from our site.

Inmates are permitted two, free onsite video visits per week.  Visits are 20 minutes in length.  Inmates can have an unlimited number of remote video visits, as long as appointments are available.  These visits are also 20 minutes in length, and cost $8.99 per visit.  Video visits are monitored for compliance with jail rules.  All visitors and inmates are required to comply with the rules, and failure to comply may result in users being barred from visitation.

Visits must be scheduled during an inmate’s housing block’s visitation times.  However, not all inmates are available during all of their housing block’s visitation times.  Some reasons that the inmate may be unavailable for visitation include: disciplinary lockdown, attorney visits, elective groups in the jail, and chaplain visits.  The jail may also refuse visitation for an inmate for other reasons, as it deems necessary.  Visitation is considered a privilege, not a right.

Visitors, even remote visitors, must follow a dress code.  That dress code prohibits revealing clothing.  In addition, everyone, including children, must wear shoes.  No clothing with vulgar pictures or writing is permitted.  Visitors must not wear: low cut or cleavage-revealing tops; see-through tops; short-shorts; mini-skirts; or clothing that reveals the midriff area.  Corrections department staff have the final say whether clothing is appropriate.

Children may participate in visitation.  Each adult visitor may have two of their own children or two of the inmate’s children accompany them.  Children who come to on-site visitation must remain seated and with the visitor during the visit.  Children who cannot behave will be prohibited from visiting.

Rule violations or inappropriate conduct can result in the termination of visitation privileges. 

Visitors may not bring food or drinks in the jail lobby.

No electronics, including cameras or cell phones, can be used during jail visits.

There is no limit to the number of inmates that a person can visit in a day, but each inmate is allowed only one 20-minute visitation on their visiting day.

Holiday visits at the jail are restricted to online-visitation only.

Inmate Phone Privileges

The Cowlitz County Jail uses Securus Technologies to provide phone services for inmates.  The Jail receives a 40% commission on phone calls.

Inmates can receive voice-mail messages.  The jail will not take other messages for inmates.  Voicemails cost $1.99 to $3.95 for a message up to 45 seconds long.  (There is conflicting information about the cost of the voicemails left in this facility; we have included information about both posted prices to give you as much information as possible.  You may want to contact Securus Technology to inquire about up-to-date pricing to clear up any confusion).  To leave voice-mail messages for inmates you have to set up a phone account.  You can do that by calling 360-355-3331.

Inmates have daily access to phones to place calls and check voice-mails.

All jail calls will be automatically recorded.  Parties involved are notified prior to call acceptance that calls will be recorded.

Inmates may use money on their account to purchase phone debits, which work like phone cards.  This gives inmates the ability to make non-collect phone calls.  Indigent inmates who do not have money on their accounts can only make collect phone calls.  This is important because, generally, cell phones are unable to receive collect calls, and many people no longer have land-based phone calls.

To set up an account with Securus Technologies, you can contact them by calling 360-355-3331 or visiting them online at  For additional information, you can contact Securus at its 800 number, 800-844-6591 or via email at [email protected].

Inmate Trust Accounts / Commissary

The Cowlitz County Jail uses Turnkey Corrections to provide commissary services to the inmate at the jail.  Commissary gives inmates the ability to purchase hygiene items, snacks, soft drinks, writing materials, and other items for their use.  Profits from the commissary program are used to help enhance the jail. You can access Turnkey Corrections at

Inmates can use the kiosks located in the jail to buy commissary items.  Orders are received on Wednesday.  Orders placed prior to Sunday are delivered that Wednesday, while orders placed after Sunday are delivered the following Wednesday.

An inmate may be able to release funds from their trust accounts to the public on visitation day, but they must have prior approval from a Sergeant in order to do so.

The Corrections Department will accept the following forms of payment: cash, tax refund checks, SSI checks, unemployment checks, checks from other jails, and other government checks.  The jail will not accept personal checks, cashier’s checks, or money orders.

You can make deposits in the jail lobby at the kiosk.  There is a $3.25 fee for deposits at the kiosk.  You will also be charged this fee if you mail cash to the jail for deposit into an inmate’s account. You can also make deposits online at or by phone at 1-866-394-0490.  Any money that an inmate has at the time of incarceration is added to the inmate’s account.  Inmates can use funds from their trust account for various purposes including commissary, phones, and medical fees.

Funds are used for debt repayment before other purposes, but the rate for each repayment depends on the type of debt.  Inmates who have been previously incarcerated may owe debts from previous incarcerations.

Bail Information

You can find information about an inmate’s bond eligibility and bond amount on the inmate rosters. 

Bail can be posted at any time of the day or night.  During business hours, bail is posted on the 2nd floor of the Hall of Justice.  You post bail with the court clerk of the appropriate court.  You can contact the Misdemeanor Court Clerk at 360-577-3073.  You can contact the Felony Court Clerk at 360-577-3017.  You can post bail after hours at the jail.  The Jail only takes cash bail.  The jail cannot take checks.  You must have the exact amount of bail, as the jail is unable to make change and cannot provide change under any circumstances.


The Cowlitz County Jail, which is run by the Cowlitz County Department of Corrections, is the local jail facility for Cowlitz County, Washington.  It is supervised by Correction Supervisor Marin Fox Hight.  The jail is located at 1935 1st Avenue, Longview, WA 98632.  The jail’s main contact phone number is 360-577-3094 and the jail’s normal business hours are Monday-Friday from 8am to 4pm.


Year Built or Opened: 2006 Warden or Supervisor: Marin Fox Hight Daily Inmate Count: 277 Total Capacity: 356 Security Level(s): minimum - medium

1935 First Avenue
Longview, WA 98632

Phone Number(s): 360-577-3094
Fax Number: 360-423-1047
Email Address: [email protected]

1935 First Avenue
Longview, WA 98632

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Criminal & Traffic Records Search

Sponsored and Powered by our Partner TruthFinder