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Bibb County Georgia Sheriff's Department
Bibb County - County Jail - Georgia
Bibb County Jail in Georgia

Name:  Bibb County Law Enforcement Center (Georgia)

Prison System: Bibb County Sheriff’s Office, GA

Status: Active

Location: Macon, Bibb County, Georgia


668 Oglethorpe St., Macon, GA 31201

Mailing Address

Bibb County Law Enforcement Center
P. O. Box 1917
Macon, GA 31202

Inmate Mailing Address

Bibb County Law Enforcement Center
Attention Inmate: Joe A. Smith
P. O. Box 1917
Macon, GA 31202-1917   

Phone Number

There are four numbers for the Bibb County Jail facility.  478-621-5611; 478-621-6555 (main number); 478-621-5555 (jail booking); and 478-621-5666 (detention); inmates cannot receive phone calls

Fax Number:  Inmates cannot receive faxes

Warden: Sheriff David Davis  

Offender Gender: Both; inmates 17 years of age and older

Email: Inmates cannot receive emails, but you can direct email to the jail at [email protected]

Security Level: Pretrial confinement; all security levels with offenders who have not been classified.   Post-conviction confinement is for inmates who have been convicted misdemeanor or low-level felony offenses and have received a sentence of up to one year in jail.  Post-conviction offenders with longer sentences are transferred to either federal or state prison facilities. 

Distinguishing Feature:  The Bibb County Sheriff’s Office Corrections Division is much larger than the average pre-trial detention facility and has grown rapidly over the last decade to accommodate the growing pre-trial and post-conviction inmate populations of both Macon and Bibb County.

Number of Inmates: More than 900 inmates; the Work Release Center has capacity for 192 inmates

Employees:  The Bibb County Sheriff’s Office Corrections Division has over 140 employees, including an infirmary staffed with three full time nurses, two-part time nurses, and a part time physician. 

Both a pretrial detention center and a post-conviction detention center for misdemeanor offenders, the Bibb County Sheriff’s Office Corrections Division

The facility has an infirmary that meets many of the inmates’ medical needs, though inmates may also be transported to other facilities for health care for more severe medical needs or medical emergencies.  One of the interesting facts about the Bibb County Jail is that it holds inmates aged 17 and older, while many state jail facilities separate offenders under 18 years of age from adult offenders. 

The Bibb County Jail was expanded in 2007 from a 585-person capacity to over 900 capacity to help deal with the growing needs of the city of Macon and Bibb County

Inmate Population

Because the Bibb County Jail is a pretrial detention facility as well as a post-conviction facility, inmates from all security classifications may be found in the jail.

Living Conditions

Living conditions at the Bibb County Jail are similar to living conditions in most other large, urban pretrial detention facilities.   Inmates have access to food, medical care, limited mental health care, religious services, and library services.  The jail provides transportation for medical appointments and court appearances.  Inmates are expected to work and almost all of the jail functions are provided by inmates including: food service, cleaning, maintenance, and laundry.

Prison Programs

There are two separate populations at the Bibb County Law Enforcement Center: pretrial detainees and post-conviction inmates.  Pretrial detainees do not have access to most jail programming.  Post-conviction detainees do have access to some prison programming including: library access, religious services, outside recreation, and GED educational services.


While the Bibb County Law Enforcement Center is not associated with any production, inmates at the facility do provide services for the facility under the supervision of the jail staff.  These services include meal preparation for the other inmates, building maintenance, laundry, and cleaning.  In addition, Bibb County Jail has a related Bibb County Detention Center, which is a work release and community service center.  There, approximately 192 inmates who are assigned to either the work release program or the community service program are housed.  Inmates in the work release program do not work for the county; instead, they work in the private sector, which allows them to continue to provide support for their families and work to pay fines and restitution.  The community service section provides housing for detainees who have been ordered to provide community service hours.  The types of community services vary from inmate to inmate, but amount to about $500,000 in services, which would otherwise be contracted to businesses or individuals in the private sector. 

Bibb County Inmate Search 

The Bibb County Jail maintains an inmate locator tool, where you can search for inmates by first name, last name, and partial name.  It also provides a link to each day’s arrests.    

Send Money to an Inmate / Commissary

Bibb County does not maintain an online link for inmate trust fund deposits, but may use third-party service providers for those services.  To find out more information about the proper way to deposit money for inmates, contact the jail’s main information number: 478-621-6555.  Pre-trial detainees may be eligible for pre-trial release conditioned upon the payment of bail.  Contact the jail’s main information number for information on how to find out if an inmate is eligible for bail, and, if so, how to post bail: 478-621-6555.  The use of an attorney may help an inmate secure pretrial release.  A bail bondsman may be helpful for paying bail.  


Bibb County Jail uses Securus Technology to provide remote visitation and onsite video visitation.  For information on these remote and video services, you can visit their website. 

Receive calls from an Inmate

Bibb County Jail uses Securus Technology for phone services for inmates.  Securus offers different options for phone calls from this facility. 


Year Built or Opened: 1980 Warden or Supervisor: Sheriff David Davis Total Capacity: 900 Security Level(s): minimum - maximum

P. O. Box 1917
Macon, GA 31202-1917

Phone Number(s): 478-621-5555
Fax Number: 578-621-5681
Email Address: [email protected]

668 Oglethorpe St
Macon GA 31201

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Criminal & Traffic Records Search

Sponsored and Powered by our Partner TruthFinder