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The Spartanburg County Detention Center, located in Spartanburg, South Carolina, is a local jail run by the Spartanburg Sheriff’s Office. The mission of the Spartanburg County Detention Center is to manage public safety by providing safe, sanitary, and secure detention for those accused of crimes in Spartanburg County, as well as those who have been convicted of those crimes.  They want to make sure that inmates can get the type of humane care and professional treatment that they need to enable rehabilitation.

There are actually three jails in the Spartanburg County detention system.  The main jail was first occupied in July 1994.  Annex I is an older building, which was initially occupied in 1958.  Annex II was made into dormitory housing in 1989-90.  The initial goal was for the main jail to hold all of the inmates in the county, but it quickly exceeded its maximum population and the other two facilities were put back in usage.

The Spartanburg County Detention Center has given itself the following departmental initiatives: adhering to applicable state and federal laws and standards; cooperating with other law enforcement agencies to coordinate resources; provide support services to other law enforcement agencies, as necessary; manage departmental personnel; govern professional development for departmental personnel; maintain high ethical standards; and train personnel.

Once a defendant has been arrested and brought to the Detention Facility, each defendant follows a similar process.  Defendants appear before the magistrate, for an explanation of charges, and to determine whether a defendant is eligible for bail or bond.  Defendants are held in custody unless they are released on bail/ bond, appear in court, serve their sentence, or await transfer to another facility.

When admitted to the jail, defendants will need to empty their pockets and will be subjected to a pat-down search.  Some inmates may have strip searches, but those are only conducted if the jail has a probable belief that the defendant has contraband on them.  If a strip search is conducted, it will be done in private by a same-sex jail worker.  During intake, defendants will be asked a series of questions; the jail will conduct a property inventory; and the jail will discuss medical conditions to make sure that the defendants have continued access to medical care.  While defendants are not able to have money in jail, if you enter jail with money it will be put in your jail account.  Upon release, defendants will have their money and properties returned to them.

Inmates receive wrist bands when they are initially booked; these wrist bands are to remain on an inmate during custody.  Inmates are photographed and fingerprinted as part of the booking process.

Inmates can release property to anyone outside of the jail.  You must sign a release authorizing the release of the property, and the person receiving the property must have proper identification.  No property can be released, swapped, or transferred, in any way, to other people detained in jail.

Once booked, inmates are given the opportunity to make a single local telephone call to either friends, family, or an attorney, to notify them about the arrest.  After that first free phone call, any other phone calls must be made according to the jail phone call rules highlighted elsewhere on our website.

After making the initial phone call, defendants are placed in an “out-waiting” area until they can make an initial appearance before the magistrate.  The magistrate will make an initial determination about whether a defendant will be released, and what, if any, conditions will be placed on that release.  At the initial appearance, the magistrate explains the charges against the defendant, the defendant’s rights under the law, the penalties that can be imposed, the conditions of release, the date the defendant is to appear in court.


There are three facilities in the Spartanburg County Detention Center: the jail, Annex I, and Annex II. 

Physical Address

The Main Jail’s address is:

950 California Avenue
Spartanburg, SC

Annex I’s address is:

180 Magnolia Street
Spartanburg, SC

Annex II’s address is:

180 North Daniel Morgan Avenue
Spartanburg, SC

Mailing Address

The mailing address for non-inmate mail is:

Spartanburg County Jail
950 California Ave
Spartanburg, SC 29303

Inmate Mailing Address

The mailing addresses for inmate mail is:

Inmate’s Name
950 California Ave.
Spartanburg, SC 29303

Starting on May 1, 2015, the Spartanburg County Jail limited all incoming and outgoing personal correspondence to postcards.  Any incoming letters will be returned to sender.  In addition, postcards must have complete return addresses and names.  To send pictures to an inmate, they must be in postcard form.  All postcards must be between 3.5 by 5 inches and 4.25 by six inches.  Postcards must be written in blue or black ink.  Postcards can be plain or pictured.  Postcards may be metered or stamped, but stamps will be removed prior to the inmate receiving the email.

The following types of postcards are prohibited: greeting cards, birthday cards, or holiday cards; defaced or altered postcards; plastic on postcards; postcards with glued or taped material; postcards marked in anything other than blue or black ink; postcards with labels or stickers, including address labels; postcards with any fluids on them like perfumes, lipstick, or bodily fluids; postcards that are stained in any manner; postcards with obscenity, nudity, weapons, gangs, or criminal activities; postcards depicting anything that could incite violence, racism, race, or otherwise threaten the security of the Spartanburg County Detention Facility; and postcards written in code.

Privileged mail, which is generally legal mail or mail from a government agency, is exempt from the postcard requirement. Privileged mail includes mail from attorneys, court officials, law enforcement officials, legal representation groups, prisoner rights groups, PREA, mental health, or victim advocates, and government officials.

You can send money to inmates at the Spartanburg County Detention Center by sending U.S. Postal Money Orders.  To send a money order to an inmate, write the inmate’s name and number on the money order.

You can send books to an inmate, but they must be purchased by a third party and delivered directly to the inmate.  The only two approved senders are Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  Inmates can only receive paperback books.  Inmates cannot get used books, leather books, hardcover books, books with thread, books with sexually oriented material, books with inflammatory material that could cause a disturbance or disorder, books that can pose a threat to the safety or order of the facility, and, finally, materials that advocate violence or other illegal actions against people in or out of the facility.

Inmates can have up to 10 letters, postcards, or pictures in their possession at a time.  They can mail out as many postcards as they want to mail.

Phone Number

The main phone number for the Spartanburg County Detention Center is 864-596-2607.

Inmates are permitted one free phone call.  Other inmate phone calls will be collect phone calls.  Inmates cannot get incoming phone calls.  The jail will not accept phone calls or take messages for inmates.  If you have a verifiable emergency, you can contact the jail and explain the emergency to the duty officer, and they may ask the inmate to contact you.

Spartanburg County Inmate Search

You can find an alphabetical list of current inmates at the Spartanburg County Jail on its inmate database.  You can find the following information in that list: last name, first name, middle name, suffix, date of birth, race, sex, booking date, booking time, release date, release time.   If you click on an inmate in the database, you get additional information, including: the inmate’s address, height, weight, the charges against them, the court, and the bond amount if applicable.  You can register for updates on the inmate’s status.  In addition, there are thumbnails that contain mugshots/ booking photos.

Current Inmate Jail Bookings/ Recent Arrests

The Spartanburg County Jail has a roster that lists inmates detained within the last 72 hours.  The records in this roster contain all of the same information as the records in the inmate database, including last name, first name, middle name, suffix, date of birth, race, sex, booking date, booking time, release date, and release time.

Spartanburg County Mugshots

While the Spartanburg County Detention Center does not have a dedicated mugshot/ booking photo database, it does include mugshots in the records found on the inmate database.

Jail Visitation

Inmates at Spartanburg County Jail have two 30-minute visitation periods each week.  Visitation is considered a privilege, which can be limited based on concerns about jail safety or because of a prisoner’s misbehavior.  The Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Detention Facility has a video visitation system, which is run by Lattice Customer Service.  You can contact them at 904-497-4707 or go online to schedule visitation.  Inmates are responsible for their own visitation schedules.  Visitors must be present at least 15 minutes prior to the visit.  If you arrive late for a visit, you may not be able to visit and the visit will count towards one of the two allotted visits each week.

All visitors, except for small children, must have picture identification, and must be signed up through Lattice as a registered and approved visitor.  Visitors must behave in an orderly manner and dress appropriately during visitation.  The dress code prohibits: exposed breasts, exposed buttocks, exposed genitalia, exposed cleavage, dresses or shorts shorter than mid-thigh, bare midriffs, sheer clothing, or any clothing that is see-through in any way.

Visitors who appear to be under the influence, act threatening, act in a disorderly manner, or otherwise create any type of disturbance in the jail, may be removed from visitation. 

Inmate Phone Privileges

Spartanburg County Detention Center uses GTL-Global Tel Link as its third-party vendor to provide phone services to inmates.  Inmates are allowed access to a telephone up to two times daily and at least once per week.  Access to the telephone is a privilege, which may be terminated.  Telephone schedules are posted in each housing unit. 

Inmate calls are recorded and may be monitored.  Staff is listening for calls that may be harassing towards victims or potential witnesses, continue criminal activity from inside jail, threaten others, and include plans for escape. 

GTL allows an inmate’s first collect phone call to go through for free.  After the first call, anyone who wants to accept a phone call from an inmate will have to establish an account with GTL.  This account only allows you to receive collect calls from the inmate, and the account holder is then responsible for paying for the calls.  If you do not accept the call, you will not be charged for the call.  Each call will be identified as a jail call.  In addition, inmates can purchase pre-paid phone calls through the commissary/ canteen service. 

Inmate Trust Accounts / Send Money / Commissary

The Spartanburg County Detention Center operates a commissary/ canteen service, which is an in-jail store that allows inmates to purchase items that are not supplied by the jail.  You can use cash, credit cards, or debit cards to deposit money into an inmate’s account using the kiosk located in the jail lobby.  The kiosk is open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.  There is a $3.00 fee per transaction.  The money is available immediately for in the inmate’s account.  You can also place money on an inmate’s account using the McDaniel Supply Company.  You just have an inmate’s name and inmate ID number to make those deposits.  You can do that online at  You can also send money orders to be deposited into an inmate’s account.

Bail Information

At the initial appearance, the magistrate will choose between several options.  The first is release on your own recognizance, which is a pledge that the inmate will return to court.  The second option is posting a cash bond.  The third option is someone else posting a bond that pledges their real property (land or house) on the condition that you will return to court.  You may or may not need the services of a professional bondman (surety) to pay the bond.  If so, the surety can charge you up to a 15% non-refundable fee.  Otherwise, bond is refundable as long the inmate complies with the terms and conditions of bail.

To determine whether or not a magistrate will allow release, the magistrate looks at different factors, such as: residency, whether you have family in the county, whether an inmate is employed, the severity of the charged offense, the impact of the offense against the victim, and whether the defendant posed a danger to the community.

Bail/ bond hearings are scheduled seven days a week, at 11:00am, 6:00pm, 9:00pm and 12:00am (midnight).   There may be additional bail hearings scheduled between midnight and 7:30 am, if there is needed.  Inmates can only attend their bail/ bond hearing if all of their paperwork has been processed.

At bond hearings, the inmate has the right to have an attorney present, but the attorney should not argue the merits of the case at the bond hearing.  In addition, if there is an alleged victim of the crime, the alleged victim has a right to be present at the hearing.  In fact, a bail or bond hearing can be delayed to provide the alleged victim time to appear.  Other reasons that the bail or bond hearing could be delayed include an arrest warrant not being served on a defendant, the magistrate judge being unavailable, or other emergency circumstances.


The Spartanburg County Detention Center is the local jail facility in Spartanburg County South Carolina.  It is run by the Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Office.  It holds both pre-trial detainees and post-trial detainees. The jail experiences frequent overcrowding, which means that, in addition to the main jail, Spartanburg County also uses two annexes to house inmates.   The jail has recently enacted several changes designed to help promote jail security, including changes to jail mail policies, video visitation, and monitored and recorded outgoing jail phone calls.  If you have questions about inmate rights or privileges while at Spartanburg County Detention Center, you are encouraged to explore individual information pages about telephone access, inmate mail, visitation, inmate trust accounts, and bail bond information.  If you have questions about inmates at the Spartanburg County Detention Center, you can contact them at 864-596-2607.


Year Built or Opened: 1994 Warden or Supervisor: Major A. Freeman Daily Inmate Count: 409 Total Capacity: 436 Security Level(s): minimum - medium

Inmate’s Name
950 California Ave.
Spartanburg, SC 29303

Phone Number(s): 864-596-2607
Fax Number: 864-596-3421
Email Address: [email protected]

950 California Avenue Spartanburg, SC 29303