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Spartanburg County - State Prison - South Carolina
South Carolina Department of Corrections

The South Carolina Department of Corrections (SCDC) is the state prison system for the state of South Carolina.  It is responsible for confining inmates in a manner that protects the public, prison employees, and the inmates.  The have a goal of providing programming for inmates that is geared at reducing recidivism rates once inmates are released, including both rehabilitation and self-improvement opportunities. The SCDC is run by the SCDC Director Bryan P. Stirling.

SCDC Headquarters

P.O. Box 21787
4444 Broad River Road
Columbia, SC 29210
[email protected]

Contact Information

There are many ways to contact the SCDC, as well as ways to contact the individual prisons and other facilities where inmates may be housed.  Contact information for individual facilities can be found on our facilities information page.  The following contact information relates to the entire SCDC system.

General Information Phone Number: 803-896-8500
Emergency Contact Phone Number: 803-896-2258
General Personnel Email: [email protected]
SCDC Director Bryan Stirling: 803-896-8555
PREA Coordinator Kenneth James: 803-896-6436
Inmate Grievances Sherman Anderson: 803-896-1773
Inmate Services Gwen Bright: 803-896-8558
Victim Services Karin Ho: 803-896-1733
Inmate Location: 803-896-8531
Record Requests: 803-896-8531
VINE: 1-866-727-2846

For a complete list of SCDC administrative-level contact phone numbers, visit the SCDC website at:

History of the SCDC

The SCDC can trace its roots to 1866, which is when the South Carolina Legislature passed an act creating the state’s first state-level prison.  Prior to this, even felony-level inmates were housed in county facilities.  However, the original state prison system was plagued with problems and abuses, which led to a restricting of the agency in 1960.  This led to the creation of the South Carolina Department of Corrections.  Today, the South Carolina Department of Corrections operates 21 institutions, with 5,700 employees to oversee over 20,000 inmates.


Although often the subject of jokes, sexual assault in prisons is no laughing matter.  The Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) was designed to help reduce sexual assaults in prison by increasing supervision of vulnerable inmates, making it easier for inmates to reports sexual assaults, and providing a clear pathway for escalation of sexual assault complaints.

One of the ways that PREA is designed to help reduce prison sexual assaults is by allowing for anyone to report sexual assaults occurring inside the facilities.  To report a sexual assault in a SCDC facility, you can visit their website or click here.  You may choose to remain anonymous when reporting a sexual assault.

Types of Institutions

There are different types of institutions in the SCDC system.  These institution types reflect the different security levels found in the system.  The security level impacts a number of different things about an institution, from the architectural design of the prison to the way that prisoners are housed and supervised.  Inmates are classified upon intake and assigned to prisons designed to meet their particular security needs, as well as any programming, medical, or educational needs that have been identified at intake.  Inmates may be subject to changes in classification during their incarceration due to inmate behavior.

Level 1-A  (L1-A) Facilities have the lowest security level.  They can be transition facilities that work with pre-release or work-release inmates.  The inmates at L1-A facilities are going to be non-violent, minimum security inmates who are scheduled to be released within 36 months.  These units focus on programming, job skills, and work-release programs to help ease inmate transition back into the community.  Most of the housing in L1-A facilities is dormitory style, with inmates staying in double-bunks.  In addition, these are usually fenceless facilities.

Level 1-B (L1-B) Facilities are minimum security facilities that focus on providing housing for inmates with short sentences or who have been sentenced to time-served.  They are slightly higher security than L1-A facilities, but also have unfenced perimeters.  The housing is a hybrid of cell and dormitory style, with cubicle style bunks.

Level 2 (L2) Facilities are SCDC’s medium-security level institutions.  Inmates are housed in cells or cubicles with double-bunks.  They are fenced facilities, and they have electronic surveillance.

Level 3 (L3) Facilities are the highest security institutions in the SCDC system.  They are designed to house violent offenders who have been sentenced to long sentences, as well as inmates who have shown themselves to be difficult or dangerous while incarcerated.  It is surrounded by a double fence, as well as electronic surveillance inside and outside of the facility.  The inmates in the facility are housed in cells, which may be singles or doubles.

SCDC Institutions

Institution Name: Allendale Correctional Institution

Security Level: L2
Warden: McKendley Newton, Warden
Address: 1057 Revolutionary Trail, Fairfax, SC 29827

Mailing Address:

P. O. Box 1151
Fairfax. SC 29827

Phone number: 803-632-2561 or 803-734-0653

Institution Name: Broad River Correctional Institution 
Security Level: L3
Warden: Michael Stephan, Warden
Address: 4460 Broad River Road, Columbia, SC 29210
Phone Number: 803-896-2234

Institution Name: Evans Correctional Institution 
Security Level: L2
Warden: Donnie Stonebreaker, Jr., Warden
Address: 610 Highway 9 West, Bennettsville, SC 29512
Phone Number: 843-479-4181 or 803-896-4900

Institution Name: Goodman Correctional Institution 
Security Level: L1-B
Warden: Vacant
Address: 4556 Broad River Road, Columbia, SC 29210
Phone Number 803-896-8565

Institution Name: Graham (Camille Griffin) Correctional Institution (Women)
Security Level: L2
Warden: Marian Boulware
Address: 4450 Broad River Road, Columbia, SC 29210
Phone Number: 803-896-8590

Institution Name: Kershaw Correctional Institution (L2)
Security Level: L2
Warden: Tonya James
Address: 4848 Goldmine Highway, Kershaw, SC 29067
Phone Number: 803-896-3300

Institution Name: Kirkland Reception and Evaluation Center 
Security Level: L3
Warden: Terrie Wallace
Address: 4344 Broad River Road, Columbia, SC 29210
Phone Number: 803-896-1521

Institution Name: Leath Correctional Institution (Women)
Security Level: L2
Warden: Patricia Yeldell
Address: 2809 Airport Road, Greenwood, SC 29649
Phone Number: 803-896-1000 or 864-229-5709

Institution Name: Lee Correctional Institution 

Security Level: L3
Warden: Kenneth Nelsen
Address: 990 Wisacky Highway, Bishopville, SC 29010
Phone Number: 803-428-2800 or 803-896-2400

Institution Name: Lieber Correctional Institution 
Security Level: L3
Warden: Vacant
Address: 136 Wilborn Avenue, Ridgeville, SC 29472

Mailing Address:

136 Wilborn Avenue
P.O. Box 205
Ridgeville, SC 29472
Phone Number: 843-875-3332 or 803-896-3700

Institution: Livesay Correctional Institution (A Camp and B Camp)
Security Level: L1A and L1B
Warden: George Dodkin
Address: 104 Broadcast Drive, Spartanburg, SC 29303

Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 580
Una, SC 29378
Phone Number: 803-734-1375 or 864-594-4915

Institution: MacDougall Correctional Institution 
Security Level: L2
Warden: Edsel T. Taylor
Address: 1516 Old Gilliard Road, Ridgeville, SC 29472
Phone Number: 843-688-5251 or 803-737-3036 or 843-875-0880

Institution: Manning Reentry/Work Release Center (L1-B)
Security Level: L1-B
Warden: Lisa Engram
Address: 502 Beckman Drive, Columbia, SC 29203
Phone Number: 803-935-6000

Institution: McCormick Correctional Institution 
Security Level: L3
Warden: Charles Williams, Jr.
Address: 386 Redemption Way, McCormick, SC 29899
Phone Number: 864-443-2114 or 803-734-0330

Institution: Palmer Pre-Release Center 
Security Level: L1-A
Warden: Joseph McFadden
Address: 2012 Pisgah Road, Florence, SC 29501
Phone Number: 843-661-4770 or 803-734-9487

Institution: Perry Correctional Institution 
Security Level: L3
Warden: Scott Lewis
Address: 430 Oaklawn Road, Pelzer, SC 29669
Phone Number: 864-243-4700

Institution: Ridgeland Correctional Institution 
Security Level: L2
Warden: LeVern Cohen
Address: 5 Correctional Road, Ridgeland, SC 29936

Mailing Address:

P. O. Box 2039
Ridgeland, SC 29936
Phone Number: 803-896-3200 or 843-726-6888

Institution: Trenton Correctional Institution 
Security Level: L2
Warden: Evonne Willingham
Address: 84 Greenhouse Road, Trenton, SC 29847
Phone Number: 803-896-3000 or 803-278-0010 or 803-275-3301

Institution: Turbeville Correctional Institution 
Security Level: L2
Warden: Richard Cothran
Address: 1578 Clarence Coker Hwy, Turbeville, SC 29162
Phone Number: 843-659-4800 or 803-896-3100

Institution: Tyger River Correctional Institution 
Security Level: L2
Warden: Vacant
Address: 100-200 Prison Road, Enoree, SC 29335
Phone Number: 803-896-3501 or 803-896-3601 or 864-583-6056

Institution: Wateree River Correctional Institution 
Security Level: L2
Warden: Donald Beckwith, Jr.
Address: Highway 261, Rembert, SC 29128

Mailing Address:

P. O. Box 189
Rembert, SC 29128
803-432-6191 or 803-896-3400

Inmate Mail

To send mail to an inmate, you have to follow the SCDC’s mail rules, as well as any individual rules for the prison facility.  Any incoming mail has to be marked with the inmate’s full legal name and SCDC number, the living unit, the full name of the institution, the mailing address, and a complete return address that includes the sender’s full name.  While these are requirements, the SCDC has a more liberal mail policy than many correctional institutions because it will try to deliver all mail to inmates, even if not properly addressed.

All non-legal incoming mail is opened and inspected before being delivered to the inmate.  Generally, mail is not read.  However, if the staff at the prison believes that the mail violates any of the SCDC’s rules or regulations, then they may read the mail..  Legal mail is opened and inspected in front of the inmate.

Generally, mail should be limited to letters.  Inmates cannot receive any of the following items in the mail: cash, writing materials, food, drinks, cigarettes, cigars, or stamps.  Inmates who are in lock-up areas may be limited in what they can receive.

Inmates at SCDC institutions can receive published materials like books, magazines, and newspapers.  However, they cannot be sent from individual, but must be sent either directly from the publisher or from an authorized bookseller.

Phone Calls

Throughout the SCDC, the institutions use Global Tel Link as their inmate telephone system service provider.  The rate for phone calls is $.055 per minute to anywhere in the United States.  To sign up for AdvancePay, which is a prepaid phone account, you can visit

Once inmates are admitted to the SCDC, they are provided with a personal identification number that they can use to place phone calls.  They can either place collect calls or they can use funds placed on their inmate phone accounts.  Inmates cannot call toll-free numbers.  If you want to accept a collect call from the prison, you have to have a current account with your telephone company, your telephone company has to have a billing and collection agreement with the SCDC, and you must have a corded phone with a touch tone.  Inmates can make phone calls to cell phones, but those must be prepaid calls.

If you receive a call from an inmate, you have four options: you can accept the call, you cannot accept the call, you can block calls from a particular inmate, or you can block all calls from the SCDC.

Electronic Messaging

The SCDC offers electronic messaging services.  This is not the same as full internet access, but limited to a special messaging service for correctional institutions.  In order to send or receive electronic messages to an inmate, you need to visit and set up an account.  You can purchase credits in order to send emails.  Inmates will be able to read messages at the kiosks in their housing units, as well as sending return messages.

The prices for electronic messages are less than for stamps for actual mail.  They are $.25 per message.  Inmates have to pay to reply, but you can pre-pay for replies.  Like other types of inmate mail, electronic messages are subject to review and inspection.  Any messages that have content that violates the institution’s rules may be blocked.

Inmate Trust Accounts / Commissary

Inmates in the SCDC can use money from their inmate trust accounts in order to purchase items that are not supplied by the SCDC.  This system is known as commissary or canteen and it is basically a jail store.  Usually inmates will order items and have them delivered a few days to a week after placing an order.

It is critical to understand that inmates are not allowed to have cash or other forms of currency.  In addition to cash, inmates cannot have credit cards, Green Dot cards, Green Dot numbers, debit cards, or any similar instruments.  Possession of cash, negotiable instruments, or any other financial instruments can actually lead to disciplinary action. 

The SCDC uses Global Tel Link’s (GTL) to service inmate trust accounts for the inmates at the SCDC.  GTL can be used to put funds onto their Cooper Trust Fund Accounts.  This Cooper Trust Fund Account lets inmates make commissary/canteen purchases.  They are attached to the inmate’s identification card.  Each ID has a magnetic stripe on it, which accesses the Cooper Trust Fund Account.  It works similarly to a debit card. 

You can deposit money in multiple ways for the GTL system: online, using the mobile app, by phone, by money order, and in person. 

To deposit money online, you can visit the GTL website.  You have to set up an account.

You can use the Mobile App, which is available for Android devices and iPhone and iPad devices. 

You can deposit money by phone by calling 888-988-4768 and following the prompts, using the site ID number 121.  If you want to speak with a live agent, you can contact 877-650-4249.

You can make in-person cash deposits to the ConnectNetwork at retailers nationwide, such as Kroger, Kmart, Walmart, and ACE.

You can mail money order deposits, as well.  Make sure and include a deposit slip with money order deposits.  Send them to:

GTL Financial Services
5700 SW 34th St, Suite 1315
Gainesville, FL 32608

SCDC Inmate Locator

You can find inmates in the SCDC system, including where those inmates are housed, by visiting the SCDC inmate locator.  The inmate search function will provide information about inmates and photographs.  You can also contact the SCDC by phone at 1-866-727-2846 to find out information about inmates.  These services do not provide information on inmates who have been released, who are fugitives, who are on parole, who are on probation, who are on community supervision, or who are juveniles.

SCDC Visitation

To find out more information about visitation delays or changes, you can follow @SCDCNews on Twitter.

You can find all visitor rules on the Rules for Visitors page.

Visitors must be approved.  They are processed by the Division of Visitation and Inmate Drug Testing.  You mail applications to:

Division of Visitation and I/M DT
P.O. Box 212969
Columbia, South Carolina, 29221-2969

If you want to find out information about visitation, you can call the visitation inquiry line at 803-896-1838.

Every inmate is permitted up to 15 approved visitors on the visiting list.  Inmates must send the visitation form to the visitor; there is no other way for potential visitors to get the forms.  Inmates receive those forms when they arrive in a SCDC facility.  Once you receive a form, you must fill it out.  A staff member will review it, then enter it into the automated system.  The inmate is notified when visitors are approved, and there can be changes 1 time per week to the visitor list.

Children are permitted to visit, but they must be on the approved visiting list and accompanied by an adult.  The only children who are permitted to visit are siblings, children, stepchildren, grandchildren, or step grandchildren.  After three consecutive years, inmates may be permitted to have nieces or nephews visit.

All visitors age 10 or above have to have identification with a public safety picture.  Children under age 10 need to show their long form birth certificates.


Year Built or Opened: 1960 Warden or Supervisor: Director Bryan P. Stirling Total Capacity: 20,000 Security Level(s): minimum - maximum

104 Broadcast Dr
Spartanburg, SC 29303

104 Broadcast Dr, Spartanburg, SC 29303