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Michigan DOC - Florence Crane Correctional Facility (ACF) - CLOSED is as state jail facility located at 38 Fourth Street Coldwater, MI 49036.Michigan DOC - Florence Crane Correctional Facility (ACF) - CLOSED serves the entire state of Michigan. While municipal and county jails tend to serve similar functions, regardless of the states where they are located, state jail facilities may serve very different purposes depending on their location. In some states, state jail facilities hold pre-trial detainees, especially if the county where the defendant was arrested lacks the space or appropriate facility to hold the defendant. In other states, designated state jail facilities only hold post-conviction inmates who have been sentenced to serve their time in the state jail facility. In fact, some states, like Texas, have designated some crimes specifically as state jail felonies. These offenses, which are generally non-violent property offenses or drug offenses, result in sentences ranging from six months to two years with confinement specified to the state jail facility. For more information of the specifics of state jails in Michigan, you can visit their state government website,4551,7-119--5364--,00.html.

Because state jail facilities do very so tremendously in their purpose, it is critical to determine why your family member or loved one is detained in Michigan DOC - Florence Crane Correctional Facility (ACF) - CLOSED. You can contact the jail for more information, not only to determine if your loved one is located in the facility, but also why they are being detained. Michigan DOC - Florence Crane Correctional Facility (ACF) - CLOSED's phone number is 517-279-9165. Friends and family who are attempting to locate a recently detained loved one can use that number to find out if the person is being held at Michigan DOC - Florence Crane Correctional Facility (ACF) - CLOSED.If your loved one is a pre-trial detainee, then it may be critical to access important legal services such as criminal defense attorneys and bail bond services. Many pre-trial detainees are eligible for release on bail until their trials and attorneys and bail bond services can simplify that process. Even post-conviction inmates may need to consult with a defense attorney because defense attorneys can help ensure that rights are protected during incarceration.

If your loved one is a post-conviction detainee, then a state jail facility may function very much like a prison. Because only non-violent offenders are generally incarcerated in state jail facilities, they tend to be safer than prison facilities. However, it is important to realize that the non-violent offender designation is based upon the crime of conviction and may not represent a defendant's entire criminal history. Therefore, state jail facilities may experience some of the violence and gang problems found in prison settings. State jail facilities will also focus on rehabilitation efforts, because inmates at these facilities tend to serve longer sentences than those held in county or municipal jails. Inmates may have access to drug rehabilitation, education, and vocational programming.

To reach an inmate detained at Michigan DOC - Florence Crane Correctional Facility (ACF) - CLOSED, you must comply with the jail's rules for inmate phone calls or inmate mail. Michigan DOC - Florence Crane Correctional Facility (ACF) - CLOSED uses Global Tel Link (GTL) - ConnectNetwork for inmate phone calls; you can find instructions about how to pay for inmate calls and be placed on a call list at their website. Michigan DOC - Florence Crane Correctional Facility (ACF) - CLOSED's website,,4551,7-119--5364--,00.html can provide additional information about mailing packages to inmates.


Phone Number(s): 517-279-9165

38 Fourth Street Coldwater, MI 49036