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City of Liberal Jail is located in the city of Liberal, Kansas which has a population of 20,746 (as of 2016) residents. City of Liberal Jail began processing inmates once the original construction was completed and service started in 1888 but may have been expanded or renovated since that time, to accommodate the growing prison population. Prisoners are housed in separate areas depending on the crimes they committed, their current risk assessment, and their behavior. This facility is currently under the supervision of Chief of Police Alan D. Sill and houses male and female offenders.

If you have a family or loved one that is currently incarcerated at City of Liberal Jail, the first thing you should do is contact the prison for information on the inmate. Based on the information you are provided, you would then contact either a criminal defense lawyer or a bail bond service. They will provide you with vital information which can be used to defend an individual and in a lot of cases get them released from detention while awaiting trial.

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[email protected]

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City of Liberal Jail
P.O. Box 2199
Liberal, KS 67901

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City of Liberal Jail
Inmate Name, Inmate ID #
P.O. Box 2199
Liberal, KS 67901

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Recent News for Liberal Kansas Police Department:

March 14, 2017 - On Monday, March 13, 2017 at around 3:35 a.m., an officer heard different firearm shots in the territory of Kansas Avenue and Tucker Road. The officer therefore saw a vehicle leaving the zone at a high rate of speed. The officer gave pursue. 

The vehicle was ceased at the 800 square of Millwood Circle. A 21-year-old male inhabitant kept running from the vehicle and was caught in the prompt range without occurrence. A 20-year-old female tenant stayed in the vehicle and was caught without episode. A gun was recouped in the quick territory. No wounds or harm were accounted for accordingly of the shooting. 

Sworn statements were submitted to the Seward County Attorney looking for charges of criminal ownership of gun by a sentenced criminal, impedance with law authorization, documenting a false report and movement related charges. The examination of this occurrence is continuous.


Year Built or Opened: 1888 Warden or Supervisor: Chief of Police Alan D. Sill Security Level(s): minimum

P.O. Box 2199
Liberal, KS 67901

Phone Number(s): 620-626-0141
Email Address: [email protected]

325 North Washington Avenue
Liberal, KS 67901