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Alabama Department of Corrections | Alabama DOC
Bibb County - State Prison - Alabama
Bibb Correctional Facility

Prison System: Alabama Department of Corrections

Status: Active since 1997

Offender Gender: Male

Security Level: Medium Custody

Distinguishing Feature: Bibb Correctional Facility was created to provide sufficient housing for Alabama’s rapidly growing prison population and also to provide much-needed healthcare resources for that growing population. The prison has a total-care medical care facility, which not only features the standard prison infirmary but also an emergency room, dental care, and diagnostic services.

Inmate Capacity: 1914

Bibb Correctional Facility was designed to help take the burden off of other prisons and provide a place for minimum and medium security level inmates. It is a relatively new building and was designed to be large capacity, unlike some prisons in Alabama that are operating at far more than their maximum capacity. However, it still experiences overcrowding issues.

Bibb Correctional Facility Data & Statistics:

Total Confined 1927
Full-Time Prison Employees 160
Part-Time Prison Employees 1
Total Reported Assaults on Staff 17
Total Inmate Disciplinaries 1126
Total Inmate Deaths 5
*statistical information was retrieved from latest available copy of prison data provided by census bureau

The inmates at Bibb Correctional Facility are minimum through medium custody inmates, which means that they may have committed serious or even violent offenses, but are not generally habitual offenders or serving life sentences. Furthermore, they generally do not have a history of offending in the penal system and are not considered high security risks.

Inmates at Bibb Correctional Facility undergo a processing period when they first enter the facility, which takes approximately two weeks. During this processing period, inmates may not have access to prison programs, be able to send and receive mail, or be able to have visitors. During the processing period, their mental and physical health condition, including their dental health, are accessed. During this intake processing period, inmates are also questioned about any substance abuse issues and directed towards treatment when it is required.

While Bibb Correctional Facility is a relatively new prison, the living conditions there are similar to conditions throughout prisons in the Alabama Department of Corrections. That means that the prison is both overcrowded and understaffed, which can create hazardous conditions for inmates and for staff.

One of the most common concerns about the Bibb Correctional Facility is that prisoners are not given adequate access to health care, despite there being a complete health care facility on-site. Staph infections are common at Bibb and the infections can become severe because prisoners are not given access to medical care.

Furthermore, prisoners are not getting sufficient mental health care. Not only are prisoners who are identified as having a mental illness not afforded sufficient care, but the state of Alabama has identified a dramatically smaller proportion of its inmates as mentally ill than is known to be the national average of mentally ill people in the incarcerated population. Additionally, when inmates are identified as mentally ill, they are likely to be underdiagnosed and the severity of their mental illnesses downplayed.

Prisoners at Bibb Correctional Facility have engaged in activities that place their fellow inmates and the prison staff in jeopardy. In July of 2015, the prisoners barricaded a dormitory, shutting out guards after refusing to follow the guard’s instructions. The inmates trashed the dormitory and disconnected the electric power, which resulted in a small fire, but did not cause significant damage. While the incident ended without any violence towards inmates or guards, it was a potentially very dangerous scenario, which would not have been able to occur if the prison had not been overcrowded and had been adequately staffed. Another incident that calls the security of the facility into question is the escape, which also occurred in July 2015, of an inmate serving a life sentence. Both of these situations suggest that there is inadequate supervision of the inmates.

Some inmates at Bibb have also made allegations of sexual assault by the guards and that the administration has not taken any remedial steps to make things safer after being notified of the assaults by the inmates. Inmates are also not informed of the outcomes of their complaints, which is a violation of the Prison Rape Elimination Act.

Prisoners at Bibb have access to a wide variety of prison programs and services. The general population inmates have access to a wide variety of programs and services, including: industrial training; self-help groups like Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, and Sex Addicts Anonymous; and mental health workshops including anger management, values clarification, and counseling for inmates identified as having gender identity disorder. Furthermore, prisoners have access to an 18 month therapeutic drug treatment program, and an 8-9 month crime bill program.

Bibb is not associated with any production lines, but the prisoners at Bibb, like the prisoners throughout the Alabama Department of Corrections, are expected to work while in prison. Some of the prisoners at Bibb work in prison-related jobs, such as working in the kitchen or handling custodial and maintenance duties for the prison. Other prisoners may be assigned to work details outside of the prison’s boundaries.

Bibb Correctional Facility is one of the newer prisons in the Alabama Department of Corrections. Planning for the facility began in 1991. Construction began in 1993, but was halted in 1995, to resume in 1997. The prison facility was built with a combination of contractor and inmate labor. Construction was complete enough for initial occupancy in 1998 and the first inmates were transferred to Bibb on May 28, 1998. In July of 1998, another 150 inmates were transferred to the facility, bringing the total number of inmates there to 300. Those 300 inmates completed construction on the rest of the facility, which officially opened in October 1998. By December of 2000, the inmate was receiving up to 100 inmates a day until it reached full capacity.

To send money to an inmate at Bibb Correctional Facility, click here.

Inmate Mailing Address:

Inmate Name and Register Number
565 Bibb Lane
Brent, AL 35034

The prison handbook will also provide additional information on how to setup visitation at Bibb Correctional, how to send an inmate money or gifts, and proper prison protocol.

View Prison Handbook for Male Inmates

View Prison Handbook for Female Inmates


Year Built or Opened: 1997 Warden or Supervisor: Willie Thomas Daily Inmate Count: 1,927 Total Capacity: 1,914 Security Level(s): medium

565 Bibb Lane
Brent, AL 35034

Phone Number(s): 205-926-5252

565 Bibb Lane
Brent, AL 35034

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