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Discussion in 'Legal Information & Resources' started by Darlene Mitchell, Jan 29, 2017.

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    Can I trust the Charleston county detention center to keep there word,to give my son a mental evaluation? the bond judge said that he was referring my son Matthew Ealy who had legal documentation that he suffers from schzophrenia, and he hasn't been on medication in 6 months and he is in a manic state, thank you concerned mother, Darlene Mitchell.
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    my son is in southwest AR ccc, is 100% mentally disabled, but received no meds while in jail then when transferred to ccc he gets thrown in solitary for "suicide watch" which is supposed to last 12 hrs but lasted SEVEN DAYS. now they tell me when I went to visit that he is BACK in solitary! This is a guy that has never been in trouble in his life, not even in high school!
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    Was he able to call you?

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