Butler County Jail Medical Needs Not Humane

Discussion in 'County Jails' started by Trey, Dec 21, 2016.

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    I would. Like. To know when butler. County got a orthopedic. Specialist. On staff???? How. Can you allow a inmate. To be in this mans condition to just be keeping. An eye on his. Situation. I was told well tell me this. Do ya think his. Crushed hand broken. Arm that's broke. In multiple places. Is gonna. Suddenly. Snap back. Together. No and ya.know if it were any where else a person. Would be rushed. To the closest. Emergency. Room but because its an inmate. You just gonna. Treat him like a animal. Oh wait animals now. Have advocates.! !!! Save the. Whales! !! And so fourth . so ill be Shedrick Anderson's.! !! You mean in a medical. Situation. Serious. As this ya tell me ya need written permission. Slip. That is. The most ridiculous. Thing. I have ever heard! !!!! Thank god. Its not a heart attack. Poor. Mr Anderson. Would. Be dead!!!!! This. Is just. The most. In humane act IV witnessed. In a long. Time and yet the jailers. And top officials. Are allowing. This. Act to take. Place. And denying. Nor Anderson appropriate. Medical. Treatment... Shame Shame Shame on you butler. County remember this god is watching. You right is right wrong. Is wrong
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